Happy Thanksgiving

This is a repost of my 2012 Thanksgiving post.  It’s late.  I’ve been up working on Thanksgiving Eve and I’m too tired to write something new.  I’ve learned in my years of blogging that most people have better things to do than read blogs today.   But as the first sentence of this post says, I am a very lucky man.  A lucky man should express his gratitude on this day, even if nobody reads it.   And I couldn’t say how I feel about life … and my gratitude for it … any better than this old post.

thanksgivingI am a very lucky man.  I am married to my college sweetheart, who remains the love of my life even in our sometimes cranky sixties.   I come from a loving family and married into another.  I have two children I love dearly and three grandchildren that simply light up my life.  I’ve had a successful career that’s allowed us to live comfortably in semi-retirement and both Muri and I have our health.   I have an eye (and an ear) for beauty and love to express it in words and art.   I don’t have a million friends but I have enough that I can count on when the skies darken.  I have found spirituality and faith in my sixties when for so many years it seemed unlikely.

You’d think with all that going for me, I’d be a perpetually happy man but, of course, I’m not.   The people in my life are not always doing what I see as best for them … and I worry or try to influence them.   I am not always doing what I see as best for me … and I worry and try to influence me.   Sixty-eight is not, believe me, the new forty-eight.   Some parts of me don’t work like they used to and other parts still work but ache after use.  I have enough older friends to know the road ahead can be tough, and while family, friends and faith can ease the load, tough is still tough.  Remembering to accept the things I cannot change is sometimes more than I can manage.

These days, we celebrate Thanksgiving with my daughter, her husband and the grandkids at their house in Gilbert, Arizona.  My daughter insists on doing almost everything but Muri is making a pumpkin pie because my grandson, Reed, says, Nana makes the best pumpkin pie.  So today is a day for remembering all I have to be thankful for … the many, many good things and the not-so-good that give me an opportunity to continue to grow at the fine age of sixty-nine.  Oh, yeah … did I mention grandkids?

Music: Kenny G and Louis Armstrong, What a Wonderful World

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2 Comments on “Happy Thanksgiving”

  1. cherperz Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Bud. I remember the post and think it is a beautiful summery of things to be grateful for.

    Yes…grandkids are the cherry on top of the chocolate on the sundae of life.

    Hope you and Muri had a wonderful day and all your family is doing well.

  2. You can drag this piece out and repost it any time your pea-pickin’ heart desires as it is really what could be, in many ways, an accurate description of the lives many of us, your readers, lead. However, I think you should correct what you put in your header about people having better things to do than read blogs. It’s not a matter of having better things to do, it’s more a matter of not being able to squeeze all the things we often want and do need to do into a day with merely 24 hours when in reality, we need days with a whole lot more hours than a measly 24!
    Happy Thanksgiving, Bud and Muri -or should I have said “Harry Thanksgiving” maybe?

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