Friday Favorites 12/13/2013

twitchyBack in October I posted about our son’s Siamese cat, Mr. P and his interesting relationship with his own tail.  When he has what I’ve come to call Twitchy Tail, his tail seems to have a mind of its own and he will watch it intently as it swishes about … often tickling his nose or face.   Even if he manages to catch it under his paw, the tip will continue to twitch.  I get to watch his antics frequently lately because his position of choice during the evening is on my lap in my recliner, a position that traditionally belongs to my laptop.  If my laptop is already in place when he arrives, he’ll  climb up on my chest and nuzzle my face, which I believe is Siamese for, Please move your laptop.  Sometimes, he backs down onto the keyboard, adding his own words to my post.  I believe that, ish eidnk 38iw is Siamese for, Move your freakin’ laptop.  Sometimes, I give in and end up watching TV with him contentedly curled on my lap.  And finishing my post in the morning, as I am today.  One night this week, he had a mild case of Twitchy Tail and I was able to capture it on my smartphone.   I say a mild case because he had things pretty much under control unless I pulled his tail from is grip.  Please don’t report me to PETA for animal cruelty.  It was for good cause (this post).  The music is Linus and Lucy from the Vince Guaraldi soundtrack to the Charlie Brown Christmas shows.

If you do a little online research, you will discover that a cat that’s twitching its tail is typically annoyed.  Other than the fact that Mr. P might be slightly annoyed that I kept releasing his tail in my video, he is a very cool cat.   I believe he has a mild case of Hyperesthesia Syndrome which is very common in cats, especially the Oriental breeds.  Also known as twitchy cat or rolling skin syndrome, it can cause self-mutilation when severe.  In Mr. P, the episodes are brief and humorous.  He seems to be a healthy cat otherwise.  And so he gets to be my Friday Favorite here on Friday the 13th.

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