Friday Favorites 1/10/2104

writing penSome years ago when, inspired by The Artist’s Way to be a writer rather than an engineer, I signed up for the creative writing program a Cal State University Fullerton.  And fortunately I didn’t quit my day job.  Because once the glow of The Artist’s Way wore off … and I spent some time getting to know myself better via the 12 Steps … I realized that I liked being an engineer … and had been  a writer as part of that career for years.  I realized that I could be an engineer and a writer.  It would take quite a few more years for me to accept that engineering would be my vocation while writing would be my avocation.  In my I’M A WRITER phase, I wrote a number of short stories and a novel.  I started at least two other novels.  In my mind’s eye, I pictured myself writing somewhat mystical romantic fiction in lovely descriptive prose with quirky but lovable characters that lived on the edge of magic.  I pictured myself writing like Alice Hoffman.  Didn’t happen.  I used to say, I thought I’d write like Alice Hoffman but I ended up writing like Elmore Leonard.  If only.  The point is my writing always had a comical edge and often a dark side.  I’m not sure if the novel was salvageable … I tried pitching it to several publishers without success.  What I gradually realized is that I didn’t have what it takes to grind a novel to publication … or agonize through writing another.  Yes, I know about self-publishing.  My ego dismisses it but I that’s just an excuse for not doing the work.  And with Older Eyes – Bud’s Blog, I think I’ve realized that I most enjoy writing the kind of semi-fiction (yes, I do occasionally hyperbolize … or outright invent … details) that I write here.

Still, those days in my creative writing classes were one of my favorite life-phases.   I had a teacher who was not only a published author, she liked my writing.  I was reading regularly about improving my writing and I was takingcool time to write every day.  In my classes and in my critique groups, I was sharing my work with other writers and getting their comments on it.  I was reading their work and telling them what I thought.  I was part of a community of writers.  Who could ask for more?  That’s why I love blogging … I get all of the above and I get to be published, too.  That’s pretty cool … and this week’s Friday Favorite.

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7 Comments on “Friday Favorites 1/10/2104”

  1. Margo Says:

    Hi, a new follower and fellow writer/engineer. I was a technical author for many years before I started getting into crafts and tutoring. I now write and publish craft eBooks on Amazon but still do a bit of tech writing for my partner’s business. It’s a good mix!

  2. Wendy Says:

    Yep, blogging is ‘pretty cool’. I too enjoyed The Artist’s Way, and I must tell you, there is one for children which is equally as good. I strongly support both/and NOT either /or in life. We are such complex beings , and even though one must choose one way to make money, we must keep all facets of our life co-existing to stay happy.

  3. cherperz Says:

    I think that blogging is a great way to express your love of writing. I know I have said this before, but if people were rewarded for the quality of their work, you would already have some work published. It’s interesting when you hear of authors of great books, say they were rejected time after time.

    • oldereyes Says:

      That’s very nice of you to say, Cheryl, and the truth is, I believe if I had the inclination I could get there. But given the time left, I think I’d rather write than try to get published.

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