Monday Smiles – 1/13/2014

smileSome Mondays (or, I must confess, some Sunday nights), when I sit down to write my Monday Smiles for the week, they practically leap from my fingers to the page.  I am a lucky man and smiles, even big smiles, are usually easy to find.  Then there are days when a smile-hunt is required, even though smiles are never an endangered species in Older Eyes’ world.  Sometimes, though, it is also populated by other creatures … anxiety, frowns, worry, tears and that gloomiest of varmints, grief.  In those times, the smiles are still around for the taking but it’s hard to take my eyes off their darker cousins.   Occasionally, the winds of complacency, boredom and expectation blow in, sweeping away my mindfulness and my gratitude so I can’t see the smiles even when they are right in front of me.  Then there are weekends filled with little smiles, simple pleasures and small surprises, and I’m so busy looking for big game that I miss them.  This weekend was like that, easy and filled with small joys and fortunately, I was in a mindful mood, so I bagged a bunch of them.  Here are just a few:

  • A spur of the moment Friday afternoon movie-date to see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.  Muri was surprised I wanted to see it … I don’t usuallymitty care for Ben Stiller …and the truth is, I wanted a date more than any particular film.  Surprise.  I liked the film in spite of lousy reviews.  It was light and quirky and beautifully filmed.  Upon returning home, I reread James Thurber’s short story on which the film was based.  Very loosely, I’d add.  I like Stiller’s better.
  • A fun weekend of NFL playoff in which I had only passing interest nfl(unintentional pun) in who won, my mild preferences based on personalities or former residences.  Good games, mostly won by my choices, the best part being that Muri and I watched together.  Watching with Muri is fun because she rarely has a favorite other than the team that has the ball and because she peppers her commentary with Oy veys and Holy mackerals.  She does root for the Patriots and claims it’s because of our New England roots … but could it be Tom?
  • A Saturday night at-home date with wine and appetizers, finishing off lastblacklist1 season’s episodes of The Black List before the new season starts Monday.  I haven’t enjoyed a TV series as much in a long time and James Spader is the best interesting bad guy since Hannibal … and a lot more loveable.
  • Out for breakfast Sunday morning, where we discussed the issue of the fit of my pants as I’m losing weight.  I’ve lost 15 pounds, by the way.   baggyMuri: Can I ask you something without you getting mad?  Bud (thinking, oh-oh): Sure.  Muri: Why is it that your corduroys and chinos fit but your jeans don’t?  Bud: What do you mean?  Muri: Your jeans are baggy.  Bud (realizing where this is going and starting to laugh):  You mean in the tusch?  You hate baggy tuschies, don’t you.   Muri (now laughing, too): Yes.  You know I do.   Bud: Well, it’s good to know you’re still noticing.  More laughter.

It’s Monday – I’m smiling.

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2 Comments on “Monday Smiles – 1/13/2014”

  1. Kim13 Says:

    Love this…thanks! I needed a smile myself this evening. 🙂

  2. Sounds a bit like we each had a pretty decent smile-worthy weekend, Bud. My son came down and had supper with me, then older daughter and older grandson arrived and my son went to his place and picked up a video he thought we would all enjoy. The name of it – “Lawless” -which isn’t the type of video I would normally choose but I have to say -blood, gore, guts, violence -and I enjoyed the movie anyway because it was based on a true story about some West Virginia moonshiners back during the early days of Prohibition. Guess you could say I enjoyed it for the historical value there, huh? Anyway -it was a fun evening with two of my kids and my grandson -a lot of laughs, for sure, when they get together.

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