Friday Favorites 1/17/2014

butterfly1Why is it that the weeks when I don’t have any work in my semi-retired life are more chaotic than the weeks when I do?  It could be that having business to take care of gives me a center of discipline around which to wrap the rest of my waking hours.  Maybe having tasks that make money satisfy that never-to-be-denied inner need to do something productive, making me less frantic about my other activities for the day.  Perhaps the total freedom of a week without work is overwhelming, making me prone to multiple games of Mole Word and Classic Mole instead of doing something fulfilling.  Maybe, with an empty day at hand, I try too hard to fill it … or fill it perfectly.  Whatever the reason, this was one of those weeks.  Posts went up with more than my usual allotment of typos (since corrected) and even a spelling error in the title (corrected immediately … how embarrassing).   Posts went up without categories and without tags … certainly not mortal offenses worthy of Blogger’s Hell but certainly some time in Poster’s Purgatory.

Today’s no different.  I had breakfast with a friend and Muri are headed to the movies in a little while.  And Friday Favorites hasn’t been posted.  I haven’t missed a Friday Favorite since I started posting them back in August 2010 so in the interests of not missing today, this will be a token post, based on a song that popped up as I was walking in the park with my  smartphone playing my mp3 collection in Shuffle All mode.  A song by the group Special EFX, Katalin, came on and I replayed it three times.   If you’ve been a reader for a while, it won’t surprise you that it features a lovely guitar solo by Chieli Minucci, beginning with a slow and atmospheric acoustic solo that gradually evolves into a passionate closing ala Carlos Santana.

Maybe it’s not QUITE a favorite but it could be upon several more listenings … and that’s close enough for today.  Katalin can be found on the recording, Butterfly, and if you want to know more about Special EFX you can find it here.  Meanwhile, have a passionate weekend.

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