344 More Times

postaday 2014I got out of bed on Tuesday planning to take Wednesday off from posting.   It’s not that I have a million things to do … work, at the moment is non-existent.  But I’d posted what seemed to me to be very good posts three days in a row and to be totally honest (which I try to be here whenever I feel like it), I was sulking a little bit about the paucity of comments (Muri says, Sometimes You’re pedantic.  Maybe so.  But isn’t saying someone is pedantic pedantic?).  Today, I was going to do a little housekeeping on Older Eyes – Buds Blog (add a page for Starting a WordPress Blog and a new Song/Quote of the Day) then have a date-day with Muri (in spite of the fact that she thinks I’m pedantic).   Somewhere along the line, however, I discovered the WordPress 2014 Postaweek and Postaday badges on The Daily Post.   Nice.  Bright orange.  Imagining how nice one would look in my sidebar, I added an Image Widget and tried it out.  If you arrived here directly instead of via my Front Page, you can see it here.  If you click on it, it links to The Daily Post, where you can get daily topics for posting.

I went back and looked.  I have already missed one post (January 4th) this year, so technically I’m not eligible to join Postaday 2014.   At sixty-nine, I can live on the edge and hope the WordPress police don’t track me down.  Shoot, even a life sentence won’t be that long.  Besides, it was participating in Postaday 2011 that hooked me on blogging so, technically, I believe, that makes WordPress liable for my addiction, my blogging pusher, so to speak.  If they turn me in for a few missed posts, I’ll turn them in to the DEA.   So, here I am again, as they say in the world of No Limit Hold’em, All In.  OK, Almost All In.

You gotta admit … the badge does look nice at the top of my sidebar.

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One Comment on “344 More Times”

  1. cherperz Says:

    That orange badge does look nice on your sidebar. I admire your ambitious nature in taking on a daily post. I tend to be slipping into the other direction…being less inspired to keep blogging. Perhaps, I am pedantic. It’s not so much the number of comments, but lack of reader growth and as of late, lower reader count. Sometimes, I don’t let either of those things bother me, but I do go in spurts. If I can’t find a following, I tend to lose my initiative to continue.

    I am pretty sure you are safe from any penalties levied by WordPress after you just did a series on how to start a WordPress blog. They owe you.

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