Monday Smiles – 1/27/2014

4_Exterior-crowdSaturday, Muri was headed south to meet her friend Jackie for the day, so Older Eyes had a day on his own.  I decided that I would head West to the Santa Monica Museum of Art (SMMoA) where artist Xylor Jane was being featured in an exhibit.  I was introduced to Xylor’s work by her sister, Sharon, but had only seen her work online, which hardly does justice to anybody’s work.   According to The Santa Monica Museum of Art’s press release, Jane’s painting look like vibrant abstractions but are in fact made up of thousands of dots, methodically applied according to complex numerical systems. Jane regularly uses palindromes and prime numbers in her paintings, along with the Fibonacci sequence—the golden ratio used by Mother Nature and financial analysts alike.  You might think I was drawn to her work because of my mathematical background, but the attraction came from my right brain not my left.

Guided by my GPS, I approached the museum’s address, surprised to find myself in what seemed to be a warehouse district.  At the end of the street, however, was a sign for the Bergamot Station Art District, which includes SMMoA.  The museum is small, with two small exhibit rooms and one large space.  Xylor Jane’s exhibit consisted of five paintings.  You can see three of01_Xylor-Jane_7-Prime-Palindromes1 them here on the museum’s website but as always, online images don’t do the work justice.  What I like about Xylor’s work is that is equally fascinating from close up and at a distance.  I particularly liked Two Column List of Seven Prime Palindromes.   Up close, large dots of color are meticulously arranged on a grid, the colors sequencing through the primaries, the same from either end in both columns and rows as befits a palindrome. Stepping back, numerals emerge from a multi-color mist like a prime-number color blindness test.  I spent so much time on each painting … up close … far away … that I was making the security guard nervous.

That Xylor’s work was more beautiful in person than online was no surprise but the Bergamot Station Art Center was an unexpected treat.  Converted from an industrial site and light rail station into a campus-like community of over 30 art galleries that retains the industrial complex look, it has become a popular destination for art fans from around the country, appearing in virtually every tourist guide and online list of attractions.   I spent several hours wandering through galleries featuring everything from paintings and graphics, to photography and functional art, like lighting fixtures constructed from wood and brass antiquities.  You can read more about Bergamot Station … and visit some of the galleries online … here.

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It was a delightful Saturday afternoon.  Now, it’s Monday and I’m still smiling.

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One Comment on “Monday Smiles – 1/27/2014”

  1. sharon Says:

    Love it! Thanks for sharing it.

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