Friday Favorites 2/7/2014

hotel californiaThere are currently 2,596 songs on my Samsung Galaxy II according to my favorite music player app, PowerAmp.   some of the tracks are more properly movements or sonatas or even meditations, but to PowerAmp an mp3 file is a song.   I’d guess there are several thousand in my rarely used CD collection and … in various boxes in the garage … there are probably ten thousand more on vinyl.   Vinyl, Younger Eyes.  Records?  No?   These things ————————————————-> records   There are thousands more songs circulating in my brain, tunes I hardly remember and have never purchased but recognize immediately when they come on the radio.   It is, therefore, really hard for me to choose a favorite artist, much less a favorite song.  But there are a few songs that make me say, Wow.  This could be my favorite song.   And a one or two of of those can make me say, That might be my favorite artist.  The Eagles’ Hotel California is one of them.

Released in 1977 on the album of the same name, Hotel California is perhaps the best known of The Eagles many hits, recognizable within a few notes of its iconic introductory guitar solo.  It was the first Eagles song cowritten by Don Felder, who joined the band in 1974, with most of the words written by Don Henley and Glenn Frey.  According to Wikipedia, the guitar solos by Felder and Joe Walsh were voted the best guitar solos of all time by the readers of Guitarist Magazine in 1998 and ranked as eighth on Guitar Magazine’s Top 100 Guitar Solos.  As you probably know, Hotel California is the tale of a weary traveler who checks into what appears to be a beautiful California hotel, only to find it’s a frightening place.  In one of the great lines in modern music, the night watchman tells him, You can check out but you can never leave.  Although there has been much speculation about the symbolism of the lyrics, Don Henley says, It’s basically a song about the dark underbelly of the American dream and about excess in America, which is something we knew a lot about.   In 1994, during a reunion tour, The Eagles released a live album, Hell Freezes Over, the title referring to Don Henley’s opinion of when the band would play together again after it broke up in 1984. The album included an acoustic version of Hotel California with Felder’s Flamenco-style version of the introduction.

Me?  As much as I love the acoustic guitar, I’ll take the original electric version.  Turn it up and see if you don’t agree.

Yep.  Hotel California.  The Eagles.  Friday Favorites.

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One Comment on “Friday Favorites 2/7/2014”

  1. James Norden Says:

    Right on w/ Eagles.
    Like both versions. Dualing guitars at the end is the best I have ever heard.
    My other best are, Lying eyes, life in thf fast lane and Desperado. The lyrics of the Eagles are real life and their style is unmatched
    Like Judy Blue Eyes by CSNY. Carlos Santana is also my man. His Woodstock performance was the best. Good Blog, Russ

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