Gray Day

gloom1It is a Socal winter day today, gloom bordering on fog hanging outside my office window and the temperature hanging at a frigid forty-nine.  Through the wonder of Facebook, I can see the snow in the yards of my Facebook friends and be happy there’s nothing to shovel on the front walks today.  Thankful.  Yesterday, it was bright and sunny … Muri and I spent the afternoon at the beach, just strolling the bike path that runs behind the oceanfront homes.  Today, we are headed to the theater with friends then out to dinner afterwards.  We’ll belatedly exchange Christmas presents. We are blessed.  But there is that gloom.   A friend of mine is sick, in the hospital with pneumonia that for the moment, seems to be getting the best of him, both physically and spiritually.  It was an unseen mist that hung over the sand yesterday as we walked and this morning, it’s a sad song playing down the street, slipping through my office window as I write.  When you’ve been around as long as I have, you know … life has many tunes, it’s up to me to choose the ones I dance to.

Yes, I’m praying for him.  Of all my prayers, I approach prayers for others with the most trepidation, the most caution.  After all, I’ve prayed for the recovery of people I love and I’ve seen them pass anyway.  Why set myself up for disappointment, or worse, bitterness?  I think I believe that God can (and sometimes will) intercede in the lives of others but I haven’t a clue when or why.  And I certainly don’t know any words that make that more likely.  I pray for my friend because it is all I can do.  I ask for his recovery even though that may not be in the cards … or part of God’s plan, as those more spiritual than I would probably say.  I pray for acceptance of whatever turns out to be God’s plan.  Perhaps most of all, I pray for him as a testament to our friendship, in gratitude that in my sixties I found a unique friend, someone completely different from me on the surface in whom I found a brother under the skin.

If you believe in prayer and you’ve got a minute, offer one for my friend, Stan, today.  Thanks

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4 Comments on “Gray Day”

  1. Almost two decades ago now, the daughter of a cousin of mine was diagnosed with some form of leukemia. She was young -only about 27-28 years old, had a son who was very young too and when the news of her illness was shared within our extended family, we formed a very large prayer chain for her. There was a time when there were some improvements but then, things began to go downhill but we continued to pray for a miracle as that’s what recovery for her would have entailed. Finally, near the end, as cousin suggested we change our mode of prayer operation and simply pray for her and that God’s Will be done and for her peace. It’s a very difficult thing to pray for others when they are dealing with what very often is a terminal illness and since then, I preface all prayers now with “Thy Will be done” and for understanding for myself with respect to the way the prayers are then answered. They are all answered but we don’t always get the response we wanted -just as when we were children and requested a specific toy or item of clothing and didn’t receive it then, for whatever reason so too does God answer our prayers -“Yes, no, maybe, not now” and we deal then with His response to us then. Peace and hope your prayers are given a positive response, Bud.

  2. cherperz Says:

    Beautiful line “When you’ve been around as long as I have, you know … life has many tunes, it’s up to me to choose the ones I dance to.”

    I am sorry that things are gloomy there especially the struggling health of your friend.

    Prayer…I too, often pray for things to happen for my friends and family. I rarely ask for anything for myself (except for things like stronger faith and better understanding) as I am overly blessed with things as it is. BUT…praying for a friends recovery or peace of mind and body if there is no recovery to be had…that is a gracious act from a caring friend. I don’t know the actual physical power of prayer but I believe there is an actual physical benefit to it. It may not keep a person from falling but it may make the fall easier or the landing softer.

    PS..seriously? 49 is frigid???? You would be rubbing salt into a wound but all my wounds are buried under snow at this point.

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