Monday Smiles – 2/10/2014

20140210_135815_resizedI have been known to be a cornball romantic.  In college, when I was dating my now-wife, Muri, my dormitory cork-board was pinned with mementos of our dates … ticket stubs and programs and photos.  I was poking though some boxes in the garage recently and there they were, stuffed into a manila envelope, evidence of good times long past.  My office, far from having that professional engineer look, is littered (a term Muri would readily agree with) with remembrances of places we’ve been, shells and rocks and tchotchke-shop souveniers, along with some items that belonged to my Mom and Dad.  There’s even a brochure from our honeymoon in Bermuda in 1968.

I was looking through smartphone photos this morning and realized that it has replaced my dormitory cork-board and office shelves as a repository of memories.   It’s filled with snapshots that only I would appreciate, park scenes and out of focus sunsets and cats and an occasional grandkid.  Fortunately, I have a large SD Card in my phone to support my odd collection of photos so that when I’m bored … or when I need my spirits lifted … I can open my photo-gallery app and say, Oh, that was when Muri and I …”  Muri appreciates it that it’s my smartphone that’s littered with new mementos, not our bedroom (which I admit remains, sometimes, littered with the dirty clothes of a certain male inhabitant).

This was a busy weekend, an extended date interrupted occasionally by things like visiting a sick friend or working on a watercolor painting.  It was the kind of weekend that recharges this old soul’s batteries.  We had lunch at our favorite lunchery, Alicia’s, then saw The Monuments Men on Friday.  Saturday we spent the afternoon at the beach (eat your hearts out, snow people) then had an appetizer dinner at J.T. Schmidt’s Restaurant and Brewery.  And0210141059-00_resized Sunday it was out to see a local production of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum with friends, then dinner at Mulberry Street, a New York Italian bistro somehow transported to Fullerton, CA.   And today, we’ll deliver Meals-On-Wheels with the special fun of delivering Valentine’s Day flowers made by a  volunteer.  I suppose you could call that a Service Date … which we always top off with a Lunch date.  Nice.

On the way out to pick up dinner on Friday night, I recorded this Sunset which will serve as this weekend’s memento.  I hope it makes you smile.  Because it’s Monday and I’m smiling, too.

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One Comment on “Monday Smiles – 2/10/2014”

  1. Wouldn’t it be nice though if, when viewing a beautiful sunset like this, that music was actually playing THEN, in the background? Now, that I think, would make it absolutely perfect! Loved your sunset video -and the music too. Very nice touch.

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