A Resolution Fulfilled

watercolorsEvery year, I make New Years Resolutions, some, year after year.  Meditate regularly.  Paint and draw more.  Play the guitar.  A few resolution are fulfilled (usually the ones requiring the least time … or disruption of my routine).  Why a retired 69 year old man needs a routine is a bit of a mystery but watch your neighborhood seniors carefully and you will see I’m not alone.  Some resolutions just lie there like infertile seeds on dry ground.  Then there are those that simply take a while to germinate.  The point being … I just completed my first watercolor of 2014 and I’m quite pleased with it.  Back in 2012, I posted several paintings that I called Grids, done by masking the paper into small squares using drafting tape, then painting each square as if it is a miniature painting. Once one set of squares are complete and the paint is dry, I reposition the tape and after 4 re-tapings, the painting is done.  Back in 2012, I said, There’s something about working on each grid-square individually that allows me to let go of the larger painting and be completely surprised by the final result.  It’s almost like meditation.  So, maybe I can’t count this toward my meditation resolution, too 😉 .

This year, I began with a 12×17 grid (204 squares) and incorporated 24 small photos randomly into the grid.  I also decided to create a time lapse video of the process, so I positioned a camera above the paper and took a photo after each step.  The size of the grid and stopping to take photos made progress slow but now I have about 300 photos that I will use to create the video.  Meanwhile, here’s the final result.  Yes, the lines are straight on the painting … they are  just distorted by the parallax of the camera.


I uploaded it at full resolution, so if you are in a Where’s Waldo kind of mood, you can click on it to see a larger image.  The photos hiding in the grid are: a moonrise; a water lily; a desert sky; a desert sunset; a curve-billed thrasher; sunset at the beach in Maui; sun through the trees; an autumn leaf; a self-portrait; tropical torches at night; an angry bird; a bobcat; a single black-eyed Susan; yellow flowers in the park; fire in the sky; a butterfly wing; berries;  swamp flowers; ; another desert sunset (I love those); aspen leaves; holly berries; a red-shouldered hawk; and a sonar display (yes, I know. Who the heck knows what that is?  Me.).  What I find most interesting is how the random mixing of the watercolors so often resembles photos at this small scale.  Feeling lazy?  No time?  Hate puzzles?  Scroll down to see the key.






Stop back next Wedneday.  I should have the time lapse video done by then.

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3 Comments on “A Resolution Fulfilled”

  1. Muriel Reed Says:

    Amazing!! Really:).

  2. territerri Says:

    This is seriously impressive. Calming. I can’t wait to see the time lapse video.

  3. sharon Says:

    I like it. The video should be a keeper, I’ll check back.

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