Monday Smiles – 2/17/2014

One of the best benefits of having a residence in San Tan Valley, AZ, about forty minutes from our daughter’s new home in Mesa is that when we’re here, the grandkids can spend the night at Nana and Papa’s house. Ten years ago, I couldn’t imagine referring to Muri and I as Nana and Papa, but it is one of the best parts of our life. Yesterday afternoon, after enjoying an excellent performance of Jon Robin Baitz’ Other Desert Cities at Phoenix’s Herberger Theater, we stopped by and picked up Reed, Maddux and Savannah to spend Sunday the night. We stopped and picked up everyone’s favorite for dinner … Panda Express for Savy, Maddux, and Muri, Smashburger for Reed and Chipotle for Older Eyes … then settled in for a night of exhausting fun. Reed spent most of the evening on my laptop, Maddux played games on our house PC and Savy colored with Muri. Then we settled in to watch a Disney show on Netflix.

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As bedtime approached, I told Reed that it was time to put on his pajamas. I don’t want to, he said, mostly kidding. I’ll put them on you then, I said back, mostly kidding, too. You can’t catch me, Reed said. I’m quicker than a bunny, I said. I’m a Cheetah, Reed said. They’re the fastest animal. He’s a smart kid but this is Older Eyes he’s dealing with. You know why Cheetahs always win races with bunnies? I said. Because they’re Cheetahs. Reed looked at me blankly for a second then said, Oh, I get it. Let me do it. Why do Cheetahs always win races. Because they cheat.   Muri and I were laughing hysterically and the kids wer all laughing along, as kids do when grownups laugh.  No, Reed, I said, because they’re Cheetahs. It’s not funny unless you say it that way. I knew it was time to try out the most sacred of Reed family pun-jokes: Why can’t you go hungry in the desert? After a pause, Because of all the sand which is there. A blank stare from all three grandkids. Get it? I said. Sandwiches. There aren’t any sandwiches in the desert, Savy added. No, it’s a way of saying things, Muri said, laughing. Sand which is there sounds like sandwiches. Let me try it, Maddux said. Why can’t you be hungry in the desert? Because there aren’t any sandwiches there, he said, laughing hysterically.   Savy added, There’s witches in the sand.  By now, we all rolling on the floor. Your Mom still doesn’t get that one, Maddux, I said. The kids never got either joke right but that didn’t mean they didn’t think it was hysterical. And Muri and I laughed so hard, we had to put them to bed to rest.

Grandkids are the best. It’s Monday … I’m smiling.

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2 Comments on “Monday Smiles – 2/17/2014”

  1. glenn Says:

    There is no doubt in my mind that the wealth of insight, humor, and irony of it all will some day be your legacy to all of your kids and grandkids. And I, BTW, as a younger brother so enjoy watching my older one doing handstands to make it all happen in my YOUNGER eyes. ((((smile)))

  2. Glad you find so much joy in every visit with them!

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