RMS rideThere is nothing like my grandkids to make me see the world through much Younger Eyes or to get me down on the floor playing.  I color with Savy, throw the football with Maddux and … well … help Reed with my computer or his Kindle (except when he’s showing me something I didn’t know).   But they can make me feel older, too.   The trip up from playing on the floor is more challenging these days and Maddux can plain wear this old guy out.   This week, with a still-sprained wrist from a fall I took, I wasn’t up to much football, either, but Maddux and I managed to play together on the computer.  Yesterday, Savy stopped in the middle of whatever she was doing to ask, Are you really going to be seventy this year, Papa?  She said seventy as if it had two or three more zeros, as if it was an impossibly old age.   And even though I’m fairly with it culturally and technologically for an old coot, they can make me feel Old-Fashioned, too.

French pressI’ve posted before that my daughter’s family is LDS, so they don’t drink coffee or have it in their house.  Consequently, when they spend the night with us, my morning coffee ritual is fascinating to them.  Now, I suppose if I was thirty-something, I’d have one or those Kuerig thing-a-ma-jigs but I’m a multi-cup kinda guy, so I use a good old Mr. Coffee drip coffeemaker.  As I started to fill it, Reed said, Can you use that other thing, Papa? pointing to the Frenchtea kettle Press on the counter.  Of course, he didn’t care that the French Press actually makes better coffee … he wanted me to use the stove top kettle, which whistles when the water boils.  I suppose almost no one under thirty heats their water in a kettle any more.  The kids all smiled happily when the kettle whistled and I made it play a little tune by taking it on and off of the burner.

I realize how old and old-fashioned I am when I think of how many things that have been part of my life are museum pieces or oddities to them.  I’m sure they’ve never seen a dial telephone and they probably don’t remember phone booths.  I was somewhere … an airport, I think … and they had removed the phones from the phone booth but left them as quiet places to use your cellphone.  I suspect they don’t remember cameras that used film and they are just as likely to think of Mom’s cellphone for taking pictures.   They don’t know what a record is unlessrecords they read about them in a history book (sort of like my memories of wire recorders) and I suspect CDs will become one of those things Papa has to them before long.   I’m sure they’d be fascinated by the typewriter I received as a graduation present and if they they’ve heard of a word processor, it’s an app on their computer or tablet.  Still, I’m not hopelessly old-fashioned.  Yesterday, Reed saw me using my Logitech Bluetooth keyboard with my Nexus 7 Tablet.  You can use that keyboard with your tablet, Papa? he asked, not even noticing that it was wireless.  Yep, I said, and it can connect to my phone or my laptop, tooThat’s cool, Papa.  So, I’m cool, too.

TSTSo, here it is, Top Sites Tuesday and this week, I’m in Arizona, enjoying my grandkids, so you can Bet Your Bippy (a really Old-Fashioned saying) that my thoughts are about them.    Thought Number One: I know these years with such a close connection with my grandkids won’t last forever.  They are already growing up and in their new neighborhood, there are tons of kids, so even when we visit, they sometimes prefer to be outside playing.  That’s why it’s great to grandkidnap them to our place, where they are ours, all ours.  Yes, they exhaust us, which is why Muri and I are having a quiet day at home today.  But … Thought Number Two … Oh my God, I love it.  Now, if you loved this post, please take a minute to push my button … gently …to make me Number One on Top Sites Tuesday.

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2 Comments on “Old-Fashioned”

  1. I know exactly what you mean about the grandkids… you bet your sweet bippy, I do!

  2. cherperz Says:

    I really identify with everything you wrote about. Our little grandson’s probably wouldn’t know about tea kettles if it weren’t for my daily heating water for tea. Conversely though, your grandkids and mine, do have grandparents that are knowledgeable about newer technology which might put us ahead of some other old fogeys.

    I try to pull some of the older, outdated things from time to time just for the fun of showing them. My older grandson thinks vinyl records are fun.

    I, too love the time spent with grandkids but a 6 year old and a 3 year old can wear me out. I had them 4 days last week so mom and dad could take a short vacation to California. By the time we had them in bed at 8:00, we were on the verge of death.

    Even with the exhaustion…having them nearby is bliss.


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