Friday Favorites 2/21/2014

vegasIf I were required to name my least favorite city in the United States, it might be Las Vegas, NV.  I don’t gamble (Yes, I’ll admit to an occasional quarter slot on those few occasions when I’ve been there, but that’s hardly gambling).  I don’t like flash and glitz and over the top celebrity productions and most of the shows I would see there, I can see for less money in L.A. area venues.  I’m not fond of excess and the amount of drinking by those with Younger Eyes in Vegas makes me nuts.  The last time we were there, we came upon a wedding party in the casino in full wedding garb passing around a quart of Jack Daniel’s.  What an auspicious start to a marriage.  The whole What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas shtick strikes me as sophomoric.   Yes, I’m an old curmudgeon when it comes to Vegas … and a number of other things, as you know.  And yet. When this posts, where will Muri and I be?  You guessed it.

We are meeting our old … best … friends, Rita and Barry for the weekend. red rockThey are there to visit a relative and asked if we wanted to meet them.   Rita and Barry may be as far from the standard Vegas clientele as we are.  Yes, we’ll see a show or two, and we’ll roam through the casinos a bit.  I’ll probably risk $20 in quarters.  We’ll take the drive to Red Rock Canyon to get away from the noise and the flash.  But mostly, we’ll sit and talk … and laugh … and share each other’s lives … with people with whom we are effectively family.  This week’s Friday Favorite is meeting with old friends at unexpected times in peculiar places.

Have a great weekend.

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One Comment on “Friday Favorites 2/21/2014”

  1. A great way to reunite!

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