Not in Vegas


We are sitting in McCarron Airport, just outside the Vegas Strip, waiting to fly home to our Little House in Arizona.  Tomorrow, we will rise at a leisurely hour, clean up our Little House and drive home to California.  We’ve been away for 12 days, which is a long time for us.  It was a good weekend with our friends, Rita and Barry.  In these days of mobile communications, we are never far from news, and my smartphone brought me both good and bad.  But that’s for another day.

On Saturday, we rose early (by Vegas standards) and drove to Red Rock Canyon, a National Conservation Area about 40 minutes from downtown.  It was delightful to step away from the plastic excesses of the Strip into the beauty of nature … in this case, the rugged beauty of the desert.  In the interests of posting in the few minutes I have, a few pictures taken of the canyon will have to suffice for today.  They are quite a step down from yesterday’s photos by Shinzo Maeda but they do capture the desert beauty.  But since they didn’t happen in Vegas, they don’t have to stay in Vegas.  Have a great Sunday.




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One Comment on “Not in Vegas”

  1. One of the nicest things about bloggers and reading their posts -to me -is when the person posts beautiful photos of scenic places they’ve visited. Gives me the opportunity then to see these sites and feel like I’ve kind of visited there then too. Loved the pictures, Bud!

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