Monday Smiles – 2/24/2014

vegasLife is nothing if not ironic.  On Valentine’s Day, we celebrated the birth of our first grandson while my brother lived through the anniversary of the passing of his son.  This weekend, we had a wonderful time with our oldest friends, Rita and Barry, in a plastic city full of people trying to have a good time through booze and gambling and one night stands.   Our best times were spent in a museum and a National Conservation Area, not a Vegas show or a casino.   After a week of fun with our grandkids, we returned from Vegas too tired to stop by for another visit before we return to California.   In the middle of our weekend, my cellphone brought news of some some additional work for me and the possibility of a new job for my company.  But this afternoon, that same phone brought me the news that one of my newest friends, Stan, had succumbed to pneumonia back in home.  Ironic.

Tonight, after hearing about Stan, I stood in the back yard and watched the sun set over the San Tan mountains.  The colors shifted and the light changed for more than twenty minutes as I watched, snapping pictures every few minutes.  It seemed like an appropriate end to a beautiful weekend that ended sadly.  So this sunset, set to The Ahn Trio’s The Magic Hour, is for Stan.  I’m happy to have known you, my friend.

It’s Monday.  I have … and have had … the best of friends.  I’m smiling but with tears in my eyes.

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2 Comments on “Monday Smiles – 2/24/2014”

  1. Barry Says:

    Beautiful, Bud. You know Stan’s life was better for having had you be a part of it. He may be gone, but his friendship is alive and well within you.

  2. Loved -and agree completely -with your closing lines “Have –and have had –the best of friends. It’s difficult when we lose a good friend when we are younger and we and others all agree then that the person was too young. But as we age, it strikes yet another chord that I think we relate then to ourselves as we realize more fully that we are not immortal, not by a long shot, and also, that there are still so many things left to be done too -and will we be given enough time then to accomplish the things we want to do. My condolences to you in your loss. Peace.

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