Computers and Cats

c and cIt is Tuesday and on Tuesdays for quite a long time now, I’ve been participating in Top Sites Tuesday, tossing out Two Curmudgeonly Thoughts on Tuesday.  Over the weekend, I started a post on computer-generated writing that I fully expected would be my Tuesday post.  Yes, I know … you’re probably relieved that you don’t have to pretend to read it.  It was to be to be titled Chimpanzees and Computers, as in … if an infinite number of chimpanzees given an infinite amount of time could write Shakespeare, how long would it take how many computers to do the same?  If you stop back later in the week, you might be surprised by the answer.  In the meantime, you get Computers and Cats, which  is the answer to the question, Why didn’t I finish Chimpanzees and Computers?  Let’s start with the computers.

I am really tough on laptops. I haul them around in messenger bags and backpacks and they slide around unprotected on the back seat of my car.  Their power cords get caught in the inner workings of my recliner and often,asus as I get up for a glass of wine or a snack, one end or the other of the power cord is yanked from its socket. Occasionally, they slip from the arm of my chair to the floor.  Crumbs collect between the keys. Not surprisingly, my trusty ASUS laptop has begun to show its age.  The power socket, which I had fixed for a cool $140 a couple of month ago is jinky again.  There’s a crack in the corner of the display and 38.6% of start-ups hang interminably, requiring a restart in Safe Mode.  And you thought computer generated writing would be boring.  The point is, I just received a new Lenovo Thinkpad that I’m very excited about. Lighter. Fast processor. Fingerprint verification.  Fortunately I’m more loyal to my women than I am my laptops.  But in my excitement, I always forget.  It is a royal pain to move to a new computer, even though Window Easy Transfer easily transfers all my files.  There’s all those system updates and all those applications installers to find.  And, of course, I loaned my Office 2010 disks to someone that isn’t around to return them.  So, with one hand I’ve been doing background reading for the new project we’re suddenly bidding, and with the other hand? Download. Run. Setup. Update.  Yeah, my Inner Geek loves it but my Outer Blogger wants to post.

ElvistooOn to cats.  My son has two of them, a handsome Siamese male named Mr. P and a pretty Burmese female named Elvis.  Yes, she is a feline victim of gender confusion.  Anaheim Hills, where we live, is coyote country, which is why Mr. P and Elvis areP indoor cats.  Let me be more precise … they are house cats.  They are allowed to roam on the roof and in spite of their athleticism, they have never jumped down.  Tonight, after I grilled our dinner, I forgot to close the patio door, which Muri noticed about an hour later.  Are the cats upstairs? she called from the living room.  They weren’t.  They weren’t downstairs either.  They were out. Panic. Usually, once Elvis escapes, she cowers in the corner of our neighbor’s yard but she wasn’t in her usual spot.  Mr. P on the other hand, is a hunter.  During his escapes, he’s been known to bring home mice, rats, snakes and bunnies … and he stays out until he’s good and ready to come home.  The fear is that the hunter will become the hunted … karma, my son calls it.  Fortunately, Mr. P and Elvis are Socal cats, so the 60 degree temperatures were too cool for their tastes.  They sauntered in nonchalantly after about an hour. Whew.

And I’m sitting here watching the Microsoft Office Installer download to my new laptop over my inexplicably slow internet.  Mozilla Firefox says there’s only another 9 hours and 51 minutes to go.  Thought Number OneI don’t think I’ll wait up for the download.  And Thought Number Two: Thank goodness the cats are home.  Because I just might have had to wait up for them.  Have a great Tuesday and if you have a few minutes, drop me a comment.  Otherwise, just push my button … gently … to make me Number One on Top Sites Tuesday #243.  Have a great Tuesday.

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3 Comments on “Computers and Cats”

  1. cherperz Says:

    Having new tech devices is fun but getting them set up the way I want isn’t. We go through a lot of laptops here as well. Wayne is hard on them with his constant travel. What happens is that I never wear my laptops out but when he get’s newer, faster, prettier, shinier…I tend to follow.

    I hate the trial software that is loaded on new PC and the limited number of uses of Microsoft products is another beef of mine.

    Glad your cats came back in. My cats are indoor cats as well. They have never gotten out and I am not sure they know enough to come back. I wouldn’t want to test that.

    As for Two Thought for Tuesday…I already had finished mine before, I realized there wasn’t going to be one. Oh well…I forged ahead.

  2. Barry Says:

    Reminds me of when Luke (big, house-dog) got out and brought back half of a skunk and deposited it on the back steps as a present to prove how much he loves us!!

  3. Both the animals who reside with me are “house” pets. Sammy the mutt (aka Sir Samuel J. Muttley) normally gets taken out twice a day for a walk. (Trying to tie him outside to do his business doesn’t work as all he does then is to throw himself at the front door, bark and whine until someone (me) lets him back inside. Very picky -won’t go unless he is walked on his leash. Ms.Pearl the Purrball escaped one time to the outside world and was missing in action for about a full day. Since then, she sits in the sunlight (usually sleeps in the sunlight) as it comes through the front door and since her escape about 2 years ago, makes no attempt whatsoever to go outside! Thank goodness for that small favor on her part! Technically, we had or may still have another cat -a Tomcat, named Fluffnuts who is Ms. Pearl’s father. He disappeared for about 5-6 months almost 2 years ago and then, suddenly returned last spring. But he has disappeared again now -about 4 months ago now -and no sign of him anywhere around this area so not sure if he’s still alive or not. Who knows -he may come meandering back again after the weather finally warms up again.

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