Friday Favorites 3/7/2014

Why is it that my vocation (engineering) likes to remain dormant until I commit to something in my avocation (blogging) like posting every day in 2014?  Why is it that I can’t just say damn the avocation for a day or two and so what if I’ve posted 178 Friday Favorites in a row?  Obsessed?  Dedicated?  Committed?  Should be committed?  Does it matter?  There will be a Friday Favorite today, albeit a short one.

erinI came across Erin Bode’s CD, Over and Over, back in the days of Borders Bookstores, when I could wander the music section, listening to the latest releases.  It was love at first listen.  Her website gets it right: Vocalist Erin Bode (pronounced BOH-DEE) has a beautiful, crystal clear voice that is too exquisite to miss. She has consistently won over audiences with her sweet personality and sincere performances. Her distinctive repertoire and crossover appeal – evoking comparisons to Eva Cassidy and Norah Jones – have proven equally at home in grand venues or relaxed clubs.  Listen to this, Perfect World, from the Over and Over CD:

I thought Erin Bode was destined for stardom and I wasn’t the only one:

She’s this week’s Friday Favorite … the loveliest voice I’m willing to bet you’ve never heard of.   One more, Don’t Take Your Time from her debut album of the same name.

Enjoy and have a great weekend.

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