Monday Smiles – 3/10/2014

real smilesIt’s Monday, almost noon here in Southern California.  I slept in this morning, still dealing with the change to Daylight Savings Time … it seems as I get older, my routines bend more slowly.  By the time I was up and had the necessary amount of caffeine circulating through my body, it was time to deliver Meals-on-Wheels.  While en route, my daughter kept calling … we usually don’t answer when we’re delivering. But of course, repeated calls from the dramatic corner of our universe are worrisome, so while Muri took the day’s meals to a client, I called her back.  She had just left the dentist, expecting to need a crown but what she needs is oral surgery to fix a badly receded gum.  Why we need to know that immediately I don’t know but she needed to tell us.  And now, I have a proposal to work on that needs to be done in a little over two weeks.  If successful, it could be the largest job we’ve had in years, which is exciting and a little scary.

I went back and read the first Monday Smiles I posted way back in September of 2009.  It said, There is no doubt that as we age, there are more bittersweet times, and we have to double our efforts to train ourselves to savor the smiles.   On some days, it’s a call from a friend or a kiss on the cheek from someone we love.    Others, it’s a song on the radio or a sunrise.    I’ve decided that on Mondays I will do just that by posting about something that makes me smile, even on the darker days.  I think I’ll call it Monday Smiles.  I’ve posted on 219 consecutive Mondays since then, dredging up a smile or two regardless of what was happening in my life.  I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that once in a while … like today … I have trouble coming up with anything, at least anything I haven’t posted about before.  Sometimes, I find my  smiles by stepping up close to my life, magnifying glass in hand.  Other times, I need to step back and find some perspective.  This week is one of the latter.

Friends.  Is there anything worth a bigger smile?  Anything that it’s so easy to take for granted in the humdrum of ordinary days?  And yet when you need them … when you want them … there they are.  To surround you as you say goodbye to a friend.  To sit beside you as you grieve someone they hardly know.  To invite you to a sweet sixteen party for a grand daughter you hardly know, where you get to lift your spirits with a celebration of youth … with old friends who are almost family.  Friends who call and text and email to see how you are doing.  I am a very lucky man.  What is it they say?  Shared sadness is sadness halved and shared joy is joy doubled.  And shared Monday Smiles are the best.

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