dont wannaIt’s Saturday morning … barely.  I have a very important proposal to finish so I can escape to Arizona for my grandson Maddux’s birthday.  I Don’t Wanna.   I am a partner in a small business and my inputs to our company taxes need finishing but I Don’t Wanna and when we get home from Arizona, I have to meet with my accountant on our personal taxes.  Need to get ready.  Don’t Wanna.  Yesterday morning I met with a man I sponsor … don’t tell him but I Didn’t Wanna.  We have been talking about planning a cruise with some friends and we need to get it done if we want to go this year.  Don’t Wanna.   This morning, as I was on my way to the park to do my Morning Pages (which I Didn’t Wanna do) and another friend wanted to meet me there to talk.  I did but I Didn’t Wanna.  At least it got me out of writing my Morning Pages.   And now, it’s 11:06 and I haven’t posted yet today.  But … you guessed it … I Don’t Wanna.  I am in the throes of Don’t Wanna Syndrome (D.N.S.).

Those of you who have been coming here to Older Eyes – Bud’s Blog for a while probably think, Oh-oh, he’s depressed again.   Nope.  I am taking my meds, and besides, when I’m depressed, I Don’t Care.   I really care about all-of-the-above and more.    But the Mountain-of-Too-Much-to-Do seems to be paralyzing me.   I am an action animal … my first impulse when things get tough is to push harder.  My slogan at times like these is Do the Next Indicated Thing, even if there are fifty of them.  Which doesn’t work with D.W.S.   A post by Angela Marchesani on my favorite mindfulness blog, Tiny Buddha, suggests that what I need is to get grounded and offers Five Ways to Find Your Center When Life Feels Overwhelming: (1) Three count breath – a way to slow your breathing; (2) Stop Sign Visualization – a way to stop your out of control thoughts; (3) Mantra/Affirmation – short meditations with a mantra or encouraging affirmation; (4) 5-5-5 – centering yourself by noticing five things you are experiencing with each of your five senses; and (5) Core Rooting – a Yoga technique of noticing yourself in your body and your feet on the ground.   Take a look, here.  Each involves stopping instead of pushing harder, taking a moment to bring my frantic brain back to where my feet are.  So, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to do a little deep breathing and a short mantra meditation.   Because no matter how much I write about mindfulness, if I don’t practice it, I’m susceptible to D.W.S.  And it’s probably the cure, too.  I’ll let you know.

In the mean time, have a mindful weekend.

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4 Comments on “D.W.S.”

  1. Interesting. I get DWS when I’m anxious. And I find I do much better when I just shut MY IC up and do what I don’t wanna do, get it over with and move on. Wonder if that works for you, too.

  2. territerri Says:

    I tend to shut down when I feel overwhelmed. Never thought of it as D.W.S., but that’s exactly how I end up feeling. In fact, yesterday, I couldn’t shake it and ended up just quitting on the day. After a good night’s sleep and a mental pep-talk, today seemed much more manageable and I accomplished all the things I didn’t wanna deal with yesterday.

    Thanks for the link to Tiny Buddha. I’m subscribing.

  3. cherperz Says:

    I certainly can relate to the “DWS” of not wanting to deal with taxes. I turned my stuff in last Tuesday and now my accountant is probably got his face planted on a desk saying “I don’t wanna.” Hubby’s expenses, mileage and wages are all in the metric system this year. (he worked out of Canada and Germany all year.)

    I often procrastinate on things that I don’t enjoy such as tax prep, or record keeping in general…but like thesinglecell, I find if I force myself to power through, I am so appreciative to have it behind me.

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