Monday Smiles – 3/24/2014

epicI woke up this morning thinking I was ready to smile.   Muri and I are planning a Mediterranean cruise with our friends, Ron and Kerry.   We have been planning it on and off for at least a year.   We finally got serious a week ago and picked out a cruise line and destination.  However, Ron and I are both frequent flyers on a certain airline which allows us to have our choice of premium seats … and maybe even upgrade to business class using miles.  Nice, right?  Except if we are making our own flight reservation, we need to coordinate with the cruise lines.   And see which flights have good seats available.  And decide if we want to stay in Rome for a few days before the cruise.  And what cabins we want.

For someone who doesn’t travel much, I can be quite obsessive when we do.  I have been known to miss out on good deals and excellent accommodations because I took too long getting everything perfect.  So, I worked myself into my Obsessive Travel Agent mode (simultaneously, by the way, working on a proposal for a job that will pay for this trip) and found what seemed like the best flights and cabins on the ship.   The plan was that I would make our reservations, put them on 24-hour hold, then send the details to Ron and Kerry, who would make theirs before I confirmed mine.  I made ours Sunday morning and at 9:30 last night, Ron told me they’d made theirs.  I confirmed our flights then went to the cruise site and paid our deposit.   Thank you very much, it said.  You’re booked.  Whew.  Smiles for Monday.

So I thought.  This morning I checked on the cruise website and my reservation was nowhere to be found … and heard from Kerry that she was having trouble confirming hers, too.   After two hours on hold tring to talk to an agent, I rebooked our aft-facing cabin online and all seemed OK.  However, by the time Kerry got things straightened out, she couldn’t get and aft-facing cabin.  They were midships in a so-called large-balcony cabin.  Like I say, I can be obsessive, and, afraid of balcony-envy, I went online to see what people had to say about aft-facing cabins.   Beautiful view, they said, but very noisy during docking making it difficult to sleep through arrivals.  We dock at 6:00 am every morning.  Back to the phone, but as a confirmed cruise passenger, I have a personal cruise consultant, Brian, I can call directly.    He changed us to a large-balcony stateroom just down the hall from Ron and Kerry.

Balcony-envy averted.  We’re going to Europe.  Finally, I’m smiling.  Now if I can just get the *)(&*&^ proposal out I’ll be freakin’ delirious.

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One Comment on “Monday Smiles – 3/24/2014”

  1. cherperz Says:

    I am sure it is hard to go wrong with any cabin with a balcony on these super liner ships but on our last cruise we did have a large balcony stateroom that was midship and loved it.

    That’s exciting and sound like a great trip. When do you go?

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