Lucky Leaks

leakSince we are not full time residents here in San Tan Valley, our doorbell here in our Little House rarely rings.  When it does, it’s usually a Fedex truck delivering something I’ve ordered on Amazon.  So, this morning when it rang at 8:30 am … Muri and I still in our jammies … it was a surprise.  It was the local Water Company meter reader.  You should come look at this, he said.  Oh-oh, I thought.  On the side of our house, a new landscape water feature had been born, a mini-geyser spraying from our yard to the neighbor’s front door.  Fortunately, it was a good leak … one that was after the sprinkler box, so when I turn off the system, the leak stops.  I called the local sprinkler repair company and they will be out Friday morning to repair it.   Throw a little money at the problem and it’s fixed. I’m too old for digging in the dirt especially with my sore wrist.

But here’s the thing. Here in Arizona, the irrigation systems are drip systems.  Without rooting around in the dirt, it’s hard to tell whether they are working or not.  At this time of year, the system is on for about 30 minutes 3 times a week.   If the meter reader hadn’t been in our side yard when he was, we’d likely have returned to California oblivious.  The leak would likely get worse until we had a noticeable flood in the side yard, except our next door neighbors are headed home to Portland soon, too, so there’s be no one toscorpion notice it.  Not a good thing, since the last time we had a similar leak, the moisture seems to invite scorpions to visit.  Talk about unwelcome guests.  So, you can call it coincidence that the meter man alerted us to our leak.  Or you can call it luck.  You can call it synchronicity or you can say Someone is watching out for us.  It really doesn’t matter.  It’s a good thing and I’m grateful.

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One Comment on “Lucky Leaks”

  1. cherperz Says:

    I would say you were very lucky that was found before you left the area. We have had a few breaks in our irrigation systems over the years but they are very visible as in our part of the country they are not drip systems

    Funny line… Throw a little money at the problem and it’s fixed. True, so very true.

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