To Eat … or Not to Eat

TSTFor roughly 50 years of my life, I’ve battled with my weight.  It was a battle my Mom fought all her life, so I’m sure I inherited her genes since my Dad was thin until he passed away in his nineties, his fondness for cookies and desserts not withstanding.  The only time I was able to keep my weight down was in my forties and fifties when I did a ridiculous amount of exercise training for marathons and triathlons.  Since an Achilles tear limited my exercise to more modest forms, I’ve had one eye on the scalecoffee and another on the media, looking for a diet that I can stick with.  Yes, and an occasional hopeful glance in the direction of a miracle diet product like green coffee bean extract or raspberry ketones promoted by some supposed-doctor on TV.  I’ve lost weight with Atkins, I’ve lost weight with Weight Watchers and I’ve lost it on the South Beach Diet … and I’ve gained it back when my maintenance phase went too far from the base diet.

Perhaps nothing is more frustrating to the perpetual waistline battler than the continual parade of new diets and new diet supplements, the ebb and flow of what’s good for me and not good for me. Not to long ago, low carbs was the only way to go … now, it’s hard to find a low carb product in the market. Instead, we get low effective carbs (which take into account fiber and don’t count certain alcohols), or low glycemic index. Meanwhile I have friends who jellyare vegetarians and vegans and gluten-free. I even have one who eats according to her blood-type. I think it has something to do with the origins of her ancestors based on her blood type. I suspect my ancestors subsisted on a diet of jelly donuts. So, here’s Thought Number One on this Top Sites Tuesday #246All this confusion is just about enough to make me give up and eat whatever I want in moderation … which doesn’t translate into weight loss for me … or just throw my hands up and eat whatever I want, shouting, “We’re all going to die eventually,” as I do.

To make it all the more frustrating, recent studies reported in the Journal of Clinical Investigation indicate that a gene known as the Mrap gene not only causes obesity, it may tend to make those who have the gene inclined to eat high-fat foods. It is freakin’ genetic !!  And now there’s this.  A paper published yesterday in the prestigious European Journal of Health has found that the Mrap gene not only contributes to weight gain but is also a marker for a shorter life-expectancy. The paper by Drs. Adrian Higglesby and Jon Catlin titled False Correlation Between Obesity and Life Expectancy Due to Life-Span Effects of the Mrap Gene suggests the shorter life span usually associated with obesity is actually due to the gene itself.  According to Higglesby, if the effects of the Mrap gene on life-span are included in the analysis of weight-mortality data, it appears that a weight approximately 35% higher than the UK National Institute of Health guidelines is healthiest for people over 60.  Hallelujah!  Furthermore, Read the rest of this post

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4 Comments on “To Eat … or Not to Eat”

  1. cherperz Says:

    I have similar problems as you. Many of my relatives deal with obesity and my guess is that I have a genetic tendency for weight gain. I am not overweight at this time of my life, according to the recommended weight for my height but that is because I exercise like a crazy person and stay around 1200 calories a day. (I have had periods when I was younger that I was carrying around some extra weight) Today. I watch everything I eat and am always paying close attention to the new products and information that is released.

    BUT I understand the frustration of constantly fighting the fight. I meet with a personal trainer every Monday and have for 15 years. She has heard me whine and fuss about how unfair this is that I have to work so hard to stay thin while others people get to eat Nacho chips and guacamole or decadent desserts. On most days I have made peace with how I eat and how I exercise.

    I would love for someone to figure it all out to make it easier for those of us that are prone to gain so readily. A magic pill would be nice.


  2. cherperz Says:

    Oh wait…this is your Monday post…I still have to read your Two Thoughts

  3. cherperz Says:

    Bud…I am losing my mind…this is your Tuesday post but without a blogdumps button

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