Friday Favorites 3/4/2013

diana1I have rarely done repeat Friday Favorites here on Bud’s Blog but I’m making an exception this week.  There’s a good reason, though … I am finally getting to see my favorite jazz vocalist, Diana Krall, who I featured as a Friday Favorite back in August of 2013.  While Muri and I were in AZ last week … and while she was strolling through Chico’s, one of her favorite clothing stores … I took a walk around the Dana Park outdoor mall.  On one of the windows was a poster for Diana’s appearance in the Phoenix area April 8.  Hmmm, said I, That probably means she’ll be in the LA area, too.  Being a busy sixty-nine year old guy, I forgot to look for an LA appearance online until we got back to Anaheim Hills Monday, but sure enough, she was appearing at Segerstrom Hall in nearby Costa Mesa (our in-car GPS, by the way, calls it Costa Messa).  Very few seats left, however, so I got two for Saturday night in the balcony (which is still in Costa Messa, but just).  None-the-lessa, I’m excited, which is why Diana gets a repeat performance here on Bud’s Blog.

One look at the cover of her The Look ofdiana_krall__the_look_of_love Love album and you’d probably say, I know why she’s your favorite, but it’s not about looks (although they can’t hurt).   Diana is both a pianist and a singer, and I’d listen to her play even if she didn’t sing.  But oh, can she sing – with a voice that’s been described as wild honey with a spoonful of scotch.  She has sold over 15 million albums worldwide, has won 2 Grammys and is the only jazz singer to have eight albums debut at the top of the Billboard Jazz Albums list.  Her repertoire honors past performers like Nat King Cole but includes modern classics Bill Joel’s Just the Way You Are and Elvis Costello’s Almost Blue.   My favorite … and certainly one of my favorite recordings in any genre … is A Case of You, an incredibly plaintive rendition of a Joni Mitchell tune.

Candy Dulfer

Candy Dulfer

Recently, I’ve been emailing with my high school and college friend back East, Russ.  He has a crush on jazz saxophonist, Candy Dulfer, also very talented and not too hard to look at.  I mentioned that to Muri.  She laughed and said, What about you and Diana Krall?  I think I’m going to have to hose you down after the concert Saturday night.  Watching this live performance of The Look of Love, one of my favorite tunes, live in Paris, Muri may just be right.

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3 Comments on “Friday Favorites 3/4/2013”

  1. Russ Says:

    What a treat. Such a soft touch and the sulty voice. Great combo. Liked the ‘scotch and honey’ comment, like a ‘rusty nail’ back in the old days on Buckingham listening to Julie London on vinyl…

    Just a week away from -Russ n CandyLand-
    Enjoy the concert in Costa M.

    • oldereyes Says:

      The concert was amazing, although totally different from what I went to hear. I posted about it today with some videos (probably illicitly taken by some less scrupulous audience member).

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