Every time I see people taking selfies (shiver … the term itself makes me throw up in my mouth), I wonder.  Are we in the midst of the most narcissistic period in human history?   Or does our assortment of mobile devices simply give everyman a means to manifest narcissism in more obvious ways?  Saturday night before the Diana Krall concert, people were taking selfies all over the Segerstrom Hall.  You’d expect that at a Bieber concert, but this was a mostly middle-aged and up jazz crowd.  And really, does anyone like the way they … and their spouse … partner … girlfriend … British Prime Minister (I’m talkin’ to you, president Obama) … look in a selfie, face distorted from the parallax of the camera lens?  Now, you might ask, haven’t you ever taken a selfie, Older Eyes?  Yes, I have:

See what I mean?  Parallax does awful things to a face.  That’s why I prefer Unselfies, smartphone pictures of beautiful or interesting things I notice during my day.  Like this one:


Isn’t that better?  So take the Unselfie Pledge with me … turn off your smartphone front-facing camera and swear off selfies.  The world will be a better place if you do.

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4 Comments on “Unselfies”

  1. Meg Says:

    This really does seem to be curmudgeonly. Seems a harmless amusement to me. I say live and let live.

  2. Being a 30-something frequent Facebooker, I have hidden all the friends who post selfies too often (my own judgment alone). I do think there’s something very narcissistic about it. Just the other day, I good-naturedly told one of my friends (yes, for all to see) that he had exceeded his selfie limit for the week.

    Here’s one caveat: if there are other people in the photo, it might just be meant to document a memorable or fun moment. I’m okay with that, mostly.

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