He’s Baaaack …

inner curmudgeonAt 69 years old, I figure I have two options.  I can: (1) be a sweet old fart that everybody likes; or (2) I can be an interesting old fart that some people like.  I choose (2).  Personally, I think curmudgeons are a lot more fun that sweet old farts, so when someone accuses me of being curmudgeonly, it’s a complement.   Yesterday, Meg, who as far as I know has never commented on my posts before, commented on Unselfies, in which my Inner Curmudgeon ranted about taking selfies as narcissistic.   This really does seem to be curmudgeonly, Meg said.  Seems a harmless amusement to me. I say live and let live.  My Inner Curmudgeon never says, Live and let live.  I, on the other hand, say it a lot.  You can’t take my Inner Curmudgeon too seriously, Meg.  But most of my readers like him.   He’s a breath of fresh air in these politically correct times, if I do say so myself.

Here’s what I … Older Eyes, not my Inner Curmudgeon … think, Meg.   The world needs a lot of Live and Let Live to survive.  But it also needs some This seems harmless but it’s stealing away our collective souls.  My Inner Curmudgeon is my purveyor of such things.  If I follow him all the way down the road he travels, I will end up a bitter old man.  But if I ignore him I risk slipping into the vast social media morass, where things like mindfulness and soul are peculiarities of a dying generation.  It is the responsibility of that generation to say, Hold it.  This is important.  Even if nobody listens.

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12 Comments on “He’s Baaaack …”

  1. cherperz Says:

    I think it is safe to say that you are a nice mix of a sweet old fart and the curmudgeonly you. A Bud Smoothie, if you will…

    I think Crabby Pants would agree that some of what others might deem being curmudgeonly may be just a rational voice wanting some limits and sanity put into play when things wind out of control. In itself maybe taking one’s picture isn’t doing any real harm but then does it serve any postive purpose. No.. Isn’t it a narissicistic endeavor? Yes. Do we need or want to see thousands of goofy looking photos being snapped all around us and send out to our phones? No…well..maybe the less Crabby or Curmudeonly among us do. But you and I won’t be in that group, now will we?

  2. Meg Says:

    Glad to give you fodder for a post. I am a regular reader of several blogs, but mostly lurk. I enjoy your willingness to share your observations, although I am not necessarily on the same wavelength. Cheers!

    • cherperz Says:

      Hi Meg,

      I consider it a blessing we all look at things a bit differently. I love to hear what others have to say as it would be boring if we all were the same. I am safe though because my opinions change daily depending on my mood so I tend to get along with everyone.

    • oldereyes Says:

      Usually when I’m being my Inner Curmudgeon, I’m voicing opinions that are a little north of what I actually practice. If I WAS my Inner Curmudgeon, I think my wife would dump me. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Wendy Says:

    Absolute resounding YES to that last line : ” It is the responsibility of that generation to say, Hold it. This is important. Even if nobody listens.” Yes, even if no one listens, we must always be true to self.

    • oldereyes Says:

      It’s not just responsibility … it’s a lot of fun, too, to incite discussion.

      • Wendy Says:

        Incite? Hum…interesting choice of word! I too enjoy dialogue. Perhaps too much. My lads tell me because I always tried to ‘incite’ discussion at home, they got into trouble at school trying to do the same!

  4. oldereyes Says:

    See? My Inner Curmudgeon always gets lots of traffic.

  5. jenihill Says:

    Although the majority of us (my opinion there on it being a majority) do tend to try to not live a curmudgeonly way of life, sometimes -as you pointed out, Bud -that part of us has to escape and perhaps point things to seeing just a tad of a different perspective. Not necessarily that we recommend following those rants completely, but at least, give them a little thought now and again. And yes, I’m one of your readers who enjoys the curmudgeon side’s escapes! Peace.

    • oldereyes Says:

      As you said, I think people … particularly those of us with a few years under the bridge … need a curmudgeon side. We watch the world change, often not for the better, we think, and who better to vent for e than my Inner Curmudgeon.

  6. I love IC!

    I will say, though: down through the ages, since time immemorial, every elder generation has thought the younger generation was furnishing humanity with the handbasket bound for hell. ‘Twas ever thus, and ever thus shall be.

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