wpid-20140412_085533-1-1.jpgHow did you get here? the cactus asked the snail.

Slowly, said the snail.  Very slowly.

That’s not what I mean, said the cactus, a little prickly now.  By what route?

I simply followed the Paths, said the snail.

The cactus, arrogantly observing the world from his pot atop the wall said, Don’t be insolent with me, little mollusc.  Even a stationary fellow like I can see that the way up the wall has many Paths.  And each path has many forks.  How do you choose?

Slowly, said the snail.  Thoughtfully.  One fork at a time.

The cactus said, And how do you know you’ve taken the right path?  How do you know you’ve taken the path God has planned for you?

God wants me to choose. One fork, one path at a time, said the snail.  We find a path together.

The cactus scoffed.  How do you know that’s true?

It’s obvious, even to the prickliest of observers, the snail said, smiling.  I’m here, aren’t I?

The cactus reluctantly agreed.

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2 Comments on “Paths”

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  2. cherperz Says:

    Very nice, Bud!

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