Dinner and a Movie (?)

dinner and a movieI haven’t talked about Date Night here on Older Eyes – Bud’s Blog in a long time.  In case you’re a long time reader and wonder if we’ve given it up, we haven’t.  In case you’re a new reader and wonder what the heck I’m talking about, my wife Muri and I have, for 46 years of marriage, always made Saturday night Date night.  Oh, yeah, we may skip one if there’s something going on (like last week’s Men’s Retreat) but we usually schedule a Make-Up Date.  And sometimes, we’ll do our Saturday Date on Friday or Sunday if there’s a play we want to see and that’s when tickets are available.  Our dates aren’t always grand … a casual dinner at a local restaurant and a movie is our  … Dinner and a Movie …Default Date. That didn’t always work … I used to be a pain in the neck about movies, which annoyed Muri, but now I try to leave that to my Inner Curmudgeon and keep his opinions to myself.

This has been a busy week and I am anxious for a Date Night.  But it’s Easter weekend.  Restaurants … particularly up-scale restaurants will be busy and there’s not much around in the event category on OC Weekly (unless, of course, we want to hunt for Easter Eggs).   Add: it’s Passover … we don’t eat bread, pasta, legumes, etc.  Looks like it will be a Default Date Night.   Butflickster then, I check the movie fare on Flickster.  Really?  Another Captain America flick?   Divergent?  Seriously, Hunger Games provided my fill of quirky alternate world stories.  Not to mention X-Men.    The Budapest Hotel and Draft Day sounded promising, but Muri saw them with friends during my busy week.  Noah?  C’mon.  Heaven is For Real?  Do I really want my spiritual inspiration from the mouth of a little boy?  Yeah, yeah, I know … Out of the Mouths of Babes.  You go see it.  God’s Not Dead?  Did my own college spiritual crisis, thank you.  Are our churches providing insufficient inspiration these days?  Haunted House 2?  I agree with my Inner Curmudgeon on the Wayans’ pseudo-comedies … stupid.   We saw Non-Stop and Three Days to Kill together and both were borderline dumb.  OK.  Sometimes I’m still a pain about movies.

When in doubt, we check on our Artsy-Fartsy Theaters (actually the Edward’s Westpark 8 in Irvine) which show a mix of Bollywood and limited-release films.  We can usually find a film for grown-ups there … for about twice the price of our local theaters.  Today, we’re off to see On My Way starring Catherine Deneuve, a coming-of-age story for sixty year olds.  Apparently, they don’t think seniors go out after dark because it’s only playing in the afternoon.  Our date will be A Movie and Dinner.  I’ll let you know how it is.

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One Comment on “Dinner and a Movie (?)”

  1. cherperz Says:

    It’s been awhile since, I went out to a grown up movie. I went Friday night to see Rio 2 with my two grandsons. We went to the Fork and Screen so they could order up pizza and I could have a salad. It was quite a nice date.

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