Monday Smiles – 4/21/2014

fridaysTGIM.  Yes, I know.  I’m miss using the acronym.  Isn’t there a restaurant that’s already commercialized … if not copyrighted … the old version?   No, it was not an awful weekend.  It was probably the weekend I needed after a very long week.  Our Movie and Dinner Date Night was very enjoyable … and easy older folks film, On My Way, at the Artsy-Fartsy theater (yes, in French with subtitles), then dinner at a Black Angus.   The movie was slow and atmospheric and mildly funny, in short, perfect for a rest and recovery weekend.   It does sadden me that when we go to see a thought-provoking film, the audience is mostly gray-hairs.  When I was a boy (didn’t I hate it when my Dad said that?) intelligent young people sought out intellectually challenging movies.  Didn’t we?   Not much thought-provoking going on in the mainstream theaters these days. OK, Inner Curmudgeon … calm down.  This is Monday Smiles.  After dinner, I fell asleep in my chair and didn’t come up to bed until almost 2:00.

We tend to lie low on Easter, since it’s not on our holiday menu and the places we would normally go on a Sunday are either crowded or closed.  That was fine, though.  I watched a lot of pro basketball (which is a lot more relaxing when I don’t have one of My Teams in the fray).  Muri mostly read until, mid-afternoon, we set out to pick up a few things at Target, forgetting it wascacciatore closed on Easter.  We settled for our local Ralph’s Market where I bought what I needed to make Chicken Cacciatore.  A hot hour over the skillet later, it was very good, if I do say so myself.   Most weekends, I enjoy cooking Sunday dinner particularly if the recipe calls for wine I can sample while I work.  And for dessert?  Matzo with peanut butter and jelly … and more basketball.  Houston and Portland.  Best game of the day.

So, it’s Monday.  I think life is back to normal … as normal as it gets around here.  First off, it’s get my car serviced, which is why I’m writing this post in my Acura dealer’s business center.   Then, to Costco to replenish the supply of birdseed.  Inconsequential stuff … but hopefully this week I get to choose.  It’s Monday … I’m smiling.

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