bratI haven’t been feeling great for the last few days.  It’s been nothing major … some low grade aches and loss of appetite (I suppose that’s major news for me) and, well, a malaise.   Being sick, even a little sick, always makes me almost unbearably sad.   Have you noticed how much people differ in how they want to be treated when they are ill?  My wife, Muri … and our daughter, Amy … are LEAVE ME ALONE sickies.  Unfortunately, I like a little TLC and sympathy when I’m sick.  It’s hard for Muri to remember to stop by and say, How are you doing, Bud? and it’s hard for me not to drive her crazy stopping by to check up on her sick days.  We both do our best.  Sometimes, I think these mini-illnesses are nothing more than our bodies saying, I keep telling you, I need a break.  If you won’t listen, I’ll make us sick.  Sometimes, too, it can be an emotional crisis that brings on the psyche’s call for rest.  In The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron describes a kriya (Sanskrit) as a spiritual emergency or surrender, something designed to get our attention and say, Hey, get it?  Or, perhaps I’ve just got a little bug.  What a concept.

I decided I should stay home and watch what I eat for a few days.   I still didwords some work and I still posted both days but beyond that, I played a lot of Classic Words.   But what to eat.  There’s that acronym.  R.I.C.E.  Uh, Rice, Ice Cream, Chocolate, Espresso?  No, that would be Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation, the acronym for treatment of a sprain.  How about H.A.L.T. ?  Hamburgers, Apple Sauce, Lettuce and Tea?  Nah.  That would be Hungry, Anxious, Lonely and Tired, the times when you are most likely to slip into an old obsession.   Apple Sauce is right.  Let’s see.   Bingo.  B.R.A.T.- Bananas, Rice, Apple Sauce and Toast.   Ever the contrarian, my little sick-day dinner last night consisted of Ginger Ale, soft-boiled Eggs, Toast, followed by a cup of hot Lipton Tea (has to be Lipton).  G.E.L.T.?   There’s applesauce in the fridge if you want it, Muri said as she watched me bring my plate to the table.  She’s inclined to do things more by the book than I am.  But we both agree on chicken noodle soup.   And once we’re starting to feel better, a bowl of Rice Chex.  Whatever works.  I’m feeling better today and back to my busy life.

Sick-day food is like comfort food … our choices depend on what Mom brought us when we were sick or in need of comfort as kids. I know that’s true for me. How about you?

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4 Comments on “Sick”

  1. Charlie Says:

    Chicken soup

  2. cherperz Says:

    Glad you are feeling better. Anything that deals with aches and pains AND loss of appetite is worthy of some TLC. I would have to be really sick to lose my appetite. When I am sick, I tend to eat just as you do. Chicken soup or soft boiled eggs and toast.

    Hopefully you are back to 100 percent in the next day or two.

  3. jenihill Says:

    I had a similar type of malaise from last Friday thru Monday -not sick-sick, but just off-center I think. Felt like I had something on my shoulders that weighed at least 15-20 pounds and it was pushing me into the ground. Finally, Monday afternoon, some things happened within my body and things started to improve drastically. So whatever it was, just had to work its way through my system until it found the best exit place possible. Now, just having hissy fits with my blood sugar which is all over the place every day, it seems, and doesn’t have any reflection for the most part on whatever foods I have ingested. Now that really frustrates me as it leaves me wondering then just what the heck CAN i eat?

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