park sunriseI have had a post rattling in my brain for several weeks now on Unconditional Love, the kind of topic I usually post about on Sundays.  Well, sometimes, I write about it on Saturday and schedule posting for Sunday morning.  I suppose that it is reasonable that as a former Catholic and semi-Jew of many years, my notion of a Sabbath extends through both days.  Every time I sit down to post about Unconditional Love, my head spins and I end up with two or three hundred words of philosophical meanderings that no one should have to read.  Here it is, almost eleven o’clock, and once more I have a muddled mess in my Draft Posts titled Unconditional.  It will stay there, at least for now.

In fifty years of trying to find my way to a simple faith I can live with, I have discovered, over and over again, that thinking harder doesn’t get me there.  There are those who tell me that thinking isn’t even part of the process, that I have to accept what they tell me to believe.   I can’t buy that.  Others tell me that if I’m really thinking, I won’t believe at all.  Well, I know that I can be a world class over-thinker and I do believe.   Some warn that, Your best thinking got you here which, for the most part for the most part, I see as a good thing.  But over-thinking doesn’t work.  My weekend long Sabbath seems like a perfect time to do what a friend of mine from AA program suggests.   Unconditional Love can wait … today it’s Easy Does It.  In case you want to join me, here’s something to help:

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