Friday Favorites 5/2/2014

I’m running late today on Bud’s Blog, not that anyone’s timing me but me.  That’s how it is in my life in general these days, by the way, a state that can both be wonderful and terrible.  Wonderful = no boss.  Terrible = tyrannical boss always around.  Anyway, I’m running late I need an easy Friday Favorite.  It’s usually not polite to pick favorite people.  Kids, grandkids, even friends may be offended to find out they are not your favorite.  However, I can categorically say there is one favorite person in my life … and that would be my wife, Muri.  These are therefore my favorite pictures of us together, spanning (gasp!) 49 years of life together.  And she’s still the one.   That makes turning 70 (this month) a lot less intimidating.

Have a great weekend.

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2 Comments on “Friday Favorites 5/2/2014”

  1. jenihill Says:

    The way you write about your relationship with Muri -and the staying power it holds for each of you -always reminds me of two of my best friends from my school days and their spouses. One “bride” grew up next door to me. Her husband was captain of the football team in high school and she was captain of the cheerleaders. Both were high on the “good looks” scale and although a whole lot of people from our class thought the marriage wouldn’t last, it’s survived for 52 years now and the respect they each treat the other with, which is very easy to see, is like what I read into your comments on your blog. THe other couple -one of my closest friends in high school and her husband (who she met while working at the University here and he was a grad student) celebrated 50 years of marriage last August and this spring, just took a trip around the world! Again, when one is around this couple too, you get a very good feel for that respect thing once again! That’s not to say that these two couples never have little spats here and there -they do -and they also are usually very open about talking about their disagreements and being able to chuckle over most of them in the long run. Your respect for Muri -and in turn, the respect it is more than obvious that she has for you, should be something all couples need to study hard and learn!

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