Deja Vu Two

soccer1About thirty years ago, I was coaching my son, Aaron’s, soccer team.  He was about ten.  We decided it would be a good idea to have a parent – child game just for the fun of it.  I was waiting for someone to pass me the ball when I felt a sharp pain in the back of my calf.  After years of filching golf balls and caddying at the public golf course near my parent’s house, I immediately thought someone had hit me with a golf ball but when I turned to see, there was no one there.  I sat out the rest of the game and had to have several of the other Dads help me to my car afterwards.  That night, I couldn’t walk … I went out to the theater with Muri on crutches.

Back then, I was a runner and being on the big-boned side for a runner, I was prone to leg and foot injuries.   The Runner’s Repair Manual by podiatristrunners repai Murray F Weisenfeld kept me on the road through 13 marathons.   This remarkable book describes every possible injury of the foot and leg and gives do-it-yourself instructions on how to treat it.  On page 160, under the heading Sudden Pain in the Back of Leg, I found Rupture of the plantaris muscle.   I can tell when someone has ruptured the plantaris muscle, Weisenfeld said in his book, because he’ll say, “I was running along, and I thought someone hit me with a rock,”  Golfers will say they thought they were hit with a golf ball.  Bingo.   It turns out the plantaris muscle is a mostly useless rubber band-sized muscle in the back of the calf and is is common for it to rupture in middle-aged active adults.   Dr. Weisenfeld gave some instructions of how to tak care of it but also said that it’s nothing to worry about.  It either repairs itself or you get along without it.  A few days later I was walking again and as good as new … until my plantaris in the other leg ruptured a few years later.

Yesterday my son, Aaron, came home from work early … a piece of construction machinery had broken down at the job site.  He was limping and I asked what happened.  I was walking to my car and my leg suddenly hurt like hell.  When I got up this morning, Aaron was hobbling around on a cane … I found my old crutches in the garage to help him get around.  Does this describe your injury? I asked, handing him my dog-eared copy of The Runner’s Repair Manual.   Yes, he said, relieved to know what it was … and  that it was nothing to worry about.  And as the day has gone on, he’s feeling a little better.

Watching my kids age, especially when it takes me back to my own middle years, has me Feeling Older, a central theme here on Older Eyes – Bud’s Blog.  Yes, it is certainly better than the alternative … and being able to help my son out with my experience is something I don’t get to enjoy all that often anymore.   Deja vu is that odd feeling that something that’s happening now in your life has happened before.  When you have the same feeling about your adult kids’ experiences, shall we call it Deja Vu Two?  Because it is perhaps even odder.

Have a sweet Saturday.




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One Comment on “Deja Vu Two”

  1. jenihill Says:

    HAH! The older we get, the more things like this seem to just invade our space and try to put us on the sidelines at least for a day or two -but sometimes, it takes a little longer than that till whatever has decided to act up on us allows our system to get used to it and we move on -waiting patiently (or not) for the next thing to float in and launch an attack on our body!

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