closetI have been a closet artist for perhaps twenty years.  No, I don’t paint in the closet … that’s where I store my works, in piles and in artist’s watercolor pads and an occasional left over frame.  Yes, a few paintings have found their way to the walls of my office and several hang in our Little House.  A portrait I did of my three grandkids as a Christmas present hangs in my daughter’s house.  But for the most part, my art is confined to closets.  Occasionally, I feature something here on Older Eyes – Bud’s Blog.  But I was in Micheal’s Arts and Crafts the other day and they were having a two for one sale on frames.  I decided I would start framing some of my work.  The plan is to create a gallery in our front entryway, not so much to show our (millions of) visitors my art but to show myself it deserves a better fate that residing with the printer paper and staples in my office closet.  Here’s a mock-up of a gallery using the first five I’ve framed.

galleryMy art is coming out of the closet … to reappropriate a phrase that these days means other things.

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2 Comments on “Framed”

  1. Derek Zenith Says:

    I like the one of the cabin.

  2. Rick Gleason Says:

    Bud, I just went back and reviewed some of your earlier posts where you show some of your paintings, including of course, those you display in this post.

    Somehow I’ve missed appreciating just what a talented artist you are. I absoutely love your work and would be proud to hang some of it on my own walls. I’m planning a move soon from Seattle to Las Vegas. Maybe I’ll have the priviege of meeting you someday. Now clean out that closet! And as always, thanks for your sharing your thoughts.

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