timeI was setting an up an appointment with a friend this week for next month.  June already, she said.  This year is going by so fast.  I told her about an article that claimed that the reason time seems to go by faster as we age is that each hour, each day, becomes a smaller fraction of the time we’ve been allotted.  I believe that is true.  It seems only a few blinks of the eye ago, I was clicking the Publish button on a post titled Feeling Old.  I was sixty-four.  I am now 69 years, 355 days old.  More astonishingly, the grandson whose birth introduced me to The Grandfather Gene is now nine years old.  How the heck did that happen?  Today, my brother posted a picture of our parents onmom and dad wedding Facebook taken on the day that, my wife, Muri and I got married.   They looked happy and surprisingly young, mainly because they were both twenty years younger than I am now.  How the %#@& did that happen?  Our two children are grown and pushing on toward their forties, dealing with their own grown-up problems, problems that I can’t solve for them, as much as I want to be the Dad on the White Horse.

I once wrote, back in the hundreds of thousands of words I’ve posted here on Older Eyes – Bud’s Blog, that part of Feeling Older is realizing that I have a lot less time ahead of me than behind.   That can bring a bittersweet flavor to the most splendid of days if I dwell on it.  If I don’t want to be a melancholy … or even bitter … old man, I need to be mindful.   That is a deceptively simple sounding term that means staying precisely in the present moment and not watching the time slip by.  For me, that state of mind does not come naturally.   So, while I don’t dwell on the brevity of the time that may be left to me, I do glance in its direction occasionally to remind me of the value of each and every moment.  Knowing that value makes mindfulness easier.   If you think this post seems melancholy, you’re wrong … it is just a glance ahead to help me stay in each moment on this lovely Saturday, ten days away from my seventieth birthday.

Have a great weekend.  And stay mindful.

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