Kids and Kabbalah

FP adventureIt is S-Day minus 5 and nobody but Older Eyes is counting.  S-Day.  the day I turn S-S-S-S-Seventy.  Really.  The best thing about S-Day is that my grandkids are coming to spend a few days and we are all going to Disneyland.    Muri is scrambling around getting the house ready for company and I have a Honey-Do List I’m working on.  Today I waxed the cabinets in the kitchen and trimmed the plants in the back yard.   My son-in-law is allergic to cats and my sons cats have the run of the house, so we’re going to let them use our room, where the cats are least.  The HEPA filter is running and a bottle of anti-allergen spray arrived from Amazon so we can treat the carpets and upholstery.  On those rare occasions when my daughter’s familyluke and darth visits us at our Big House (it’s not all that big, that’s just what the grandkids call it to distinguish for our Little House in Arizona, which actually is little), one of the things they enjoy is playing with the Fisher-Price Adventure People that were among my son’s favorite toys when he was little.  My oldest grandson, Reed, has become quite the Star Wars fan, so Muri asked if I could track down Aaron’s old Star Wars toys.

We do not have one of the better organized garages in California.  My son and I both tend to be packrats and cabinets are filled to the brim with useless old stuff that we might just use again someday.   The Adventure People were easy to find in a clear plastic container on top of the cabinets near the door but the Star Wars crowd was nowhere in sight.   I did find some old soccer trophies, a box of long forgotten photos of who knows what and a tool bag of tools I’d been missing.  Forty-five minutes later, I’d found two more Adventure People in the tool box (when my son cleans the garage, his rule is everything in a place, not its place) but Luke and Darth are still on the lamb.

Do you believe in synchronicity?   According to the inventor of the phrase, Carl Jung, a synchronicity is a meaningful coincidence, something that turns up just when it is needed.  I do.  My Inner Curmudgeon doesn’t exactly approve of this belief, but five days from S-Day, he is no longer ruler of this roost.   Frequently in my life, synchronicity shows up in the form of something I hear that helps me through a situation, or a book that turns up on a bookshelf just when I need it.   About twenty years ago, I discovered a set of CDs in the Your Coach in a Box Series by Rabbi David Aaron titled Kabbalah Works – Secrets for Purposeful Living.  It is hard to listen to David Aaron without thinking of Woody Allen and, of course, it would be really odd getting spiritual guidance from Woody Allen.   The five CD set had a profound effect on me spiritually back then, presenting a notion of a Higher Power that made sense both intellectually and spiritually.

I bring it up because as I was hunting for Luke and his friends, I discovered Kabbalah Works buried in one for the cabinets and I listened to the first two CDs parked in the shade a sycamore tree in Yorba Regional Park.   The second CD was about finding your soul when you’re feeling lost and it was just what I needed to hear.  So, it appears that my Inner Curmudgeon will have to put up with my belief in Resynchronicity, too.  So it goes, IC.

Have a wonderful Thursday and keep your eyes open for meaningful coincidences.

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2 Comments on “Kids and Kabbalah”

  1. DougDoesLife Says:

    I’m a big believer in synchronicity… I recognize it often in my life. On a different topic- I saw your photo and realized I had the same play set as a child! I completely forgot about the Adventure People…

  2. Rick Gleason Says:

    Well Bud, if my math is correct, then your birthday is Tuesday the 20th. Just coincidentally it happens to be the same day as my favorite actor Jimmy Stewart’s birthday as well. Now that must be synchronicity!

    Happy birthday to you friend, I hope the coming year is your best ever. Now get back to those “Honey-Dos!”

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