This post was going to be titled The Day After, as in the day after my seventieth birthday (yes, I am going to get one more post out of the occasion). I also considered titling it Seventy Years and A Day. So what, you say … what is 70.(0027397260)? Well, one day is 1/365 of a year, and if you divide that out, you get a repeating decimal 70.0027397262739726273972627397260 …   – that is, the digits 27397260 repeat forever.  The notation 70.(0027397260) means just that.  So, yes, I am an engineer and today I am 70.00(27397260) years old.  And after spending my birthday at Disneyland with my daughter’s family yesterday I have a few thoughts.

1. My daughter made me a lovely book of birthday letters from friends and family that I will treasure forever.  I had emails and greeting posted to my wall on Facebook and cards.  There is no better birthday present than friends and family.

2. I perhaps am getting too old to traipse around Disneyland for 13 hours, as much as I enjoyed trying to keep up with my grandkids.  Today, my feet and legs are screaming their displeasure.  But I’d probably try it again next year.  If it weren’t that …

3. Disneyland is ridiculously expensive.  After a recent increase, adults are $97 for one day … with such outrageous prices, you’d think parking would be free but it’s $17.   Food?  We all had corn dogs for lunch … $60.  I love being there but I can’t help but wonder … is it worth it?

5.  My 70 year old balance can no longer deal with Space Mountain.  I was so dizzy I wondered if I’d be able to get off without falling.

6. My grandkids are the lights of my life, whether it’s 5 year old Savy, loving the biggest of rides and riding down Splash Mountain with her hands over her head, or Maddux, our little question man, asking a million questions about everything (Why is there water under the Dumbo ride?  Why are there lights in the water?  Can you go in the water if you fly too low?), or 9 year old Reed trying to figure out how each of the rides works, just as I used to do.

7.  The greatest gift of all is rolling into my seventh decade with my wife Muri by my side.  I am truly blessed.

So, tomorrow, I’ll be 70.00(54794520) years old.  But I promise not to talk about it.

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