Monday Smiles – 6/2/2014

time fliesJune already.  Whoever said, Time flies when you’re having a good time, didn’t have my life.  Around here, time flies regardless of whether I’m having a good time or not.   This weekend was a good example.   I had a full day planned for Friday, mostly business, some accounting that needed to be done and a bit of engineering on a small contract we’re slogging through.  That all ended when my wife, Muri, walked into the laundry room and found that our washing machine had died with a load of our son’s stinky work clothes stewing in tub full of soapy water.  Even my less-than-sensitive male nose could tell that getting a replacement would be first priority.  I hate buying appliances and I especially hate buying them in an emergency.  We live in an area where most people buyhi-tech wm appliances that look like something out of Star Trek, flashing lights and computer -assisted talking front panels that tell you exactly what to do … all for an outrageous price.   Salesmen don’t know what to make of Muri and I, since we’re usually base-model-plus-one types.  They incredulously ask, You don’t want touch controls?  This one, they say, pointing to a stainless steel and chrome beauty with a built-in computer monitor and TV, has 175 rinse cycles and will automatically presoak underwear.  They are so disappointed when we pick the modest Whirlpool that doesn’t require a second mortgage.   We found several washer-dryer combinations that fit our needs at a good price … but wouldn’t be delivered for five days … and several out of our price range that could be in our home before we left the store.  It took a while to find one that could be delivered on Saturday at a price we were willing to pay.  What time on Saturday is another story … We’ll call you after six to give you a four hour window for delivery.   Sheesh.  We had plans for Saturday at four … my friend Truck’s retirement party.  It was Saturday … they wouldn’t be delivering that late, would they?  Yes they would … when our call came, the proposed eleivery time was 7:30.  Muri called to reschedule and they said they’d do the best they can but no promises … We’ll call an hour before we deliver.  At three, they showed up at the door.  We are the proud parents of a new Whirlpool washer and dryer.   And we got to celebrate Truck’s retirement.  Hopefully, I can stay semi-retired enough to enjoy his additional free time.

Sunday, we went with our friends, Ron and Kerry, to the Maverick Theater for Murder on Broadway, a self-described interactive Broadway musical mystery comedy in which the audience gets to help solve the mystery.  If you’re a regular here, you know that Older Eyes can be a theater snob.  Interactive Broadway musical mystery comedies are not even on my first page of theater preferences but my friend, Ron, loves that sort of thing.  And truthfully, it was very well done and a lot of fun.  We had dinner at the Stadium Tavern, a local sports bar in downtown Fullerton that has an excellent selection of craft beers and planned to stay to plan shore excursions for our Mediterranean cruise in September.   However, when the NHL Kings-Blackhawks game started, it got too we retreated to our family room and agreed on pretty much everything for the trip.  And, by the way, the L.A. Kings won the game, giving me something to watch before bed.  Time zipped by at a remarkable pace, through the weekend’s ups and downs.   That’s how it is around here.

Today, I’m finishing the work I meant to do Friday and then meeting Truck for coffee at three.  It’s Monday … I’m smiling.

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One Comment on “Monday Smiles – 6/2/2014”

  1. jenihill Says:

    My weekend and the things I had initially on my makeshift “agenda” quickly dissipated into nothing getting accomplished! Mucho troubles in paradise have begun to surface between my son and his girlfriend and all that just sort of ate the days away. The only things I did get done was to work on three crossword puzzles in the Sunday Pittsburgh Trib-Gazette and even then, I got very few of the blocks filled in so that was a washout too! Hope I don’t get hit with many more days like these!

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