Stars and Superheroes

TSTWhen I used to commute to work … on freeways, not down the hall to my home office … the best sports-talk shows were on the radio during commute times.  Best meant host that were … first … knowledgeable about sports and second, able to talk sports in an entertaining way.   Sports talk has changed.  I would call the most popular format these days the Loudmouth and the Doofus.  A knowledge of sports seems secondary to the ability to generate controversy with baseless opinions, a sophomoric frat-house sense of humor and, of course, world-view to match.  But there are a few good shows still around, mostly exiled to mid-morning or afternoon.  One of those aired locally is Mason and Ireland who feature a daily  bit called Fast Track.   During Fast Track they ask each other five questions, often but not necessarily about sports, to be answered on the spot.   I thought it would be fun for a Top Sites Tuesday #255 post, as long as you’re willing to let my Two Thoughts on Tuesday be Two Questions.  As if you have a choice.  Here we go.

When I was a kid, most Superheroes were denizens of comic books.  Since my Mom regarded comic books as the arch enemy of literacy, I was aware of only those that made it to TV or the movies which meant it was Superman (as played by George Reeves) or Mighty Mouse.  By the way, haven’t you always wondered, like the boys in the film, Stand By Me, who would win in a fight, Superman or Mighty Mouse?  Kids these days have a remarkable mix of Superheroes to choose from … with an incredible mix of powers. So … Question Number One is this … if you could have one superpower, what would it be?  If you want to do a little research, you can find a complete list of superheroes and their powers here.   I’m betting Wolverine’s adamantum claws or the ability to turn into an angry green Hulk like David Banner will not be your choice.  How about Magneto’s ability to control magnetic fields or Thor’s magic hammer?

Just as we have more Superheroes to choose from these days than when I was a kid, we also have more …. and a wider variety of … celebrities. Movies andstars sports are bigger than ever. Television brings hundreds of characters into our family rooms, some of them reality show Stars we wouldn’t let in our homes in person. The internet can make a Star an hour …. although, it’s certainly true that their stardom might not last much longer than that. Here’s Question Number Two: With all the Stars to choose from in today’s media-mad world, which one would you choose to be for 24 hours?

You can leave me your answer (and maybe a why for your choices) below in my comments section and if you are interested, I’ll add my own to this post this evening. And please, don’t tell me there’s no power you want or a person you’d be.  It’s a game … play along then please take the time to push my button to make me Number One on Top Sites Tuesday #255.

My answers: (1) Too afraid of heights to fly, x-ray vision would only get me in trouble.  I’ll choose super-strength; (2) More seriously, I’d like to be a virtuoso musician for a day juts to know what it feels like to produce amazing music.  Let’s go with Carlos Santana.

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2 Comments on “Stars and Superheroes”

  1. liggybee Says:

    You’re right about talk shows coming during the commute time but I don’t listen to sports talk shows. I like to catch some of the local gardening talk shows. They’ll often have expert gardeners giving tips for average home gardeners like me. I’ll sometimes listen to political talk shows on the way home. I like to hear other views so I can relate to current events with an open mind…until the callers on the show start arguing with the host and not keeping an open mind themselves. Then it gets a little aggravating so I switch back to my rock music. 🙂

    But after all my yammering there, I realize that I never answered your questions. 1) I think my superpower should be the ability to grab things away from my opponent’s hands with just my thought. Haha, kinda lame, I suppose, but fun. 2) I think I would want to be Shakira for a day just so I can sing and dance like it’s such an easy thing to do…and have that beautiful long, soft wavy hair. 😀

  2. Chas Says:

    1) The ability to fly and soar like a Eagle. 2)The roadrunner just so you could really mess with people’s minds Beep Beep.

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