Friday Favorites 6/6/2014

image It is 11:00 on Friday, the end of what has been a hectic week.  It is amazing how many retired people I meet who tell me that they are busier in retirement than in their working days.   That is the preferred solution … I have known other who, after spending years with work as their only activity (and source of fufillment) find themselves bored or depressed … and miserable.  In Al-Anon’s Dos and Don’ts, one of the most neglected Dos is Find recreation and hobbies.   I am fortunate that I have had many outside interests for my entire life because, for some reason, it is hard to develop interests after a life of workaholism.  Yes, a number of my hobbies (or avocations, as I like to call them) were on life support during my working and parenting years, but they seem to have recovered enough in my semi-retirement to fill any empty spaces in my days.

Being semi-retired doesn’t mean that I can’t drive myself crazy with things to do.  The aspect of my personality that drove me educationally and professionally is perfectly capable of filling my days with shoulds and turning my avocations into work that has to be done, in which case they are no longer recreation OR hobbies.  It is a beautiful day in the park today as I sit here writing my Friday post on my smartphone with my BlueTooth keyboard.  The birds are singing in the trees around me and a light breeze rustles the leaves.  When I push Publish and send this post off to WordPress, I have nothing left I have to do today.  And I’m going to leave it that way.

This week’s Friday Favorite is a Friday afternoon with nothing to do.  What a treat.

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