Monday Smiles – 6/9/2014

The good thing about having a theme like Monday Smiles on my blog is that once a week, I have to stop and think about the things I have to smile about.  That is particularly helpful for an older fellow who tends toward mild depression and leans toward the dark side. Unless you knew me well, you might not guess that. In twenty-one years of working the 12 Steps, I’ve become pretty good at focusing on the good things in my life. That and a mild anti-depressant keeps my dark side in the background most of the time.

The bad thing about having a theme like Monday Smiles on my blog is that some Mondays, I just don’t feel like smiling. My Inner Curmudgeon carries on a curmudgeonly commentary about everyone and everything that goes by and I’m not up to arguing with him. The dark side looms. What helps me to put this in perspective is this: yesterday afternoon, I was in an excellent mood and nothing substantial has changed since then.  That is enough to make me think that Abe Lincoln was right when he said, People are just about as happy as they make up their minds to be.   Abe, was, of course, given to depression and his life certainly offered fewer opportunities for smiles than mine.  I’d guess given that, he knew he was overstating the case when he said as they make up their minds to be.  Sometimes, it takes a determined effort to find a smile, even when there are dozens hanging around to be had. So here I sit by the lake, making the effort. Any smiles out there? How about the Mallard peeking at me from behind the fir tree? Or the gentle breeze wafting through my … er … over my scalp? Or the happy sound of a few toddlers playing on the slide nearby?

It’s Monday … I’ll be smiling any minute now.

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