One Thing … or Another

TSTMy birthday is now three weeks behind me.   Yet, I find myself continuing to think about … and yes, here on Top Sites Tuesday #256, write about … being seventy.  Some might say I’m obsessed with being seventy but the truth is, I’m just astonished to be here so quickly.  And, as an observer of life, I’m intrigued by how it feels.   The most common reaction of friends and family to my septuagenarian rants is something to make me feel better like, You’re only as old as you feel.  Having never been seventy, I haven’t a clue how seventy should feel, so that doesn’t help much.  I can tell you for sure, it feels no different than sixty-nine and quite a bit different than sixty-four, my age when I started Older Eyes – Bud’s Blog.  How?  Let me bring in an outside expert to explain it to you.

Seriously, it’s not that bad.  One of the things I am most thankful for at seventy is my health.   I have no major ailments or illnesses, I am reasonably active, and my mind seems to be functioning very well, thank you.  That is one thing that has happened at seventy … I am grateful for things I took for granted at forty.  But lately, trying to stay reasonably in-shape is getting … well … old.   The word reasonably seems to crop up a bit more in my goals these days … reasonably healthy, reasonably active, reasonably in-shape.  The kind of in-shape I used to strive for in my forties is far out of sight in life’s rear view mirror.    For one, while I seem to gain weight more easily, the forty-year old that lives in my head still likes the same foods … and same portions … that he liked way back when.  He’s very difficult to reason with, as are most forty year olds.  An accumulation of a lifetime of exercise injuries and an aging body limits my exercise to what the dieting app I use, FatSecret, delicately refers to moderate.  At forty, I would  have dismissed moderate exercise as a day off.   Do you know how few calories you burn with moderate exercise?   I can devour a 300 calorie donut in 15 seconds but it takes an hour of walking to burn it off.  Shit.

Then there are the aches and pains and mini-injuries.  Last week, I walked over 10 miles.  My body responded with stiffness in the morning roughly equivalent to running a half-marathon at forty.  I started the year determined to get back on my bicycle, which is easier on these old legs than walking every day.  Then I tripped and fell on my wrist, tearing several ligaments, making it impossible to ride.  Which is why I was walking more.   Now, after two weeks walking ten miles, I have a burning pain on the top of my left foot that WebMD suggests is arthritis of the foot, so I may be condemned to the recumbent stationary bike in the garage several days a week.  After years of 30-40 mile running weeks, the forty year old in my head hates that.  He’s hating a lot of stuff these days.

If this sounds like the ranting of a bitter old curmudgeon, it’s not (I’m a curmudgeon but not bitter).   Which brings me to Thought Number One:  A good thing about being seventy is you have sixty-nine years to prepare for it, to learn to appreciate what you can do and live with what you can’t.   For the most part, I am a reasonably happy old goat.  But here on Bud’s Blog, I tryrosannadanna to report accurately what I see through these Older Eyes, and as the great Gilda Radner (as Rosanne Rosannadanna) used to say, Thought Number Two: It’s always something … if it ain’t one thing, it’s another.  At seventy, there are just a few more somethings.   I hope you enjoyed this post and, if you have Younger Eyes, it will remind you to enjoy every moment.  Seventy is closer than you think.  Please leave me a comment before you go and push my button … gently … to make me Number One on Top Sites Tuesday #256.

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One Comment on “One Thing … or Another”

  1. Chas Says:

    Thinking back to when we were about 10. I can remember how active we all were weather you and I were playing football one on one in your back yard or playing football and baseball with all the other guys in the hay field behind our houses it seems to me we never had any aches or pains. Today 61 years later it’s painful just to get out of bed (back hurts, hip hurts and knee hurts). Yes getting old really is a joy (sic).

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