Friday Favorites – 6/27/2014

jerseyLast Saturday night, Muri and I went out to dinner with our friends, Annette and Ben, then to the local theater to see the film, Jersey Boys.   We had seen the touring company of the Broadway hit on stage and, the truth is, I didn’t expect to enjoy the film as much as the play.   It’s not just that music is almost always better live … it’s that filmmakers usually feel compelled to change the flow of musical theater by extending dramatic scenes or adding on-location backgrounds to musical numbers that need no elaboration.  Yes, and I’m a theater snob, I admit it.   Why can’t they just film an elaborately produced stage production as Andrew Lloyd Webber and Cameron Macintosh did when they filmed the remarkable 25th anniversary production of Phantom of the Opera at Albert Hall in 2011?   Jersey Boys was no exception … the play was primarily about the music, while during the film, I found myself impatient for the added scenes to end so the music would start again.

Of course, I have a small problem with the music, too.   I like to think of myself as a sophisticated music listener (yes, that could be a nice way of saying a music snob) and the Four Seasons music is pure pop.  And yet, sitting in the a theater full of gray-hairs (and dyed-hairs and no-hairs), it was hard not to notice that every time a song began feet began tapping and heads started bobbing in time to the music and if you listened carefully, most everyone was singing along.  Older Eyes included.  There’s a joy to the music and the harmonies, even though the subject of their hits was often sad, as in:

Dawn, go away, I’m no good for you
Oh, Dawn, stay with him, he’ll be good to you
Hang on (Hang on)
Hang on to him
Think (think) what a big man he’ll be
Think (think) of the places you’ll see
Now think what the future would be with a poor boy like me


When she was just a kid her clothes were hand-me-down
(Hand-me-down) They always laughed at her when she came into town
Called her rag doll, little rag doll
Such a pretty face should be dressed in lace.
I’d change her sad rags into glad rags if I could

(If I could) My folks won’t let me ’cause they say that she’s no good
She’s a rag doll, such a rag doll
Though I love her so, I can’t let her know.

Hardly sophisticated.  But I suppose if a serious director like Clint Eastwood can direct a film of Jersey Boys, a theater and music snob like Older Eyes can have this be his Friday Favorite:

Have a great weekend.

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One Comment on “Friday Favorites – 6/27/2014”

  1. Barry Says:

    Adored the play and loved the movie. One isn’t better or worse; they’re just different

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