courtesy wikipedia

courtesy wikipedia

Yesterday afternoon, I noticed on Facebook that Saturday night’s moon would be a so-called supermoon.   Properly called a perigee moon, these occurs when the phase of the moon is full while the moon is near it’s closest position to the earth, or perigee.  According to NASA Science, the perigee moon is 14% larger and 30% brighter than your average full moon but without a side-by-side comparison, it is hard to tell the difference.  Yes, that’s a scientific, clinical description and it doesn’t prevent people from saying things like, Oh my God, that is the biggest moon I’ve ever seen! particularly if they are observing the moonrise.  For reasons not completely understood, the moon looks particularly large as it’s rising from the horizon.  This ends the scientific portion of this post.  When I read about a supermoon, I am once again that excited kid with his Edmund Scientific reflector telescope rushing out to the hayfield.   When the moon rises full, I am the wolf baying, Owooo, owooo at the sky, the young romantic recalling favorite moon songs and favorite moon scenes from the movies.

Moonglow -Carly Simon

Cosmo’s Moon from Moonstruck

I’m afraid last night’s supermoon paled in comparison to Cosmo’s Moon.  Unless.  Unless you are equipped with a camera with a 60X zoom.  Like that kid with the telescope, I checked the time of the moonrise here in Anaheim Hills then drove to a dark place at the end of the street where I could watch the moon peek over the hills of the wilderness area behind our house.  And snap a few pictures.



Owoooo, owoooo.   It had to be Moonglow.   It’s Cosmo’s Moon.

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3 Comments on “Moondance”

  1. Barry Says:

    Great pix. And it DOES look like Cosmo’s moon.

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