Snakes in a Drain

SNAKESWhen we left off yesterday in Monday Smiles, Older Eyes and a determined band of family and friends (actually, my wife Muri with our friends Ron and Kerry) had fended off a flood in the guest bathroom, only to learn from the plumber that there was a bad root infestation in our sewer drain.  Smiles on Monday were somewhat forced because the preliminary estimate to dig up and replace the pipe (which runs under the concrete driveway) was $10,000.   After a morning of reading about alternatives, including chemicals to kill roots (somewhat effective but environmentally irresponsible), in-place relining of pipes (expensive but less damage to landscaping), and pipe-bursting (ditto), we decided to have the pipe videoed to find out what was really going on in there.  As you probably know, a video camera with a fiber-optic cable is lowered into the pipe through an access point and you get to see the inside of the pipe on a little TV screen.  And there, forty-five feet away from the house was the drain obstruction.

Once the gunk (a well-established scientific term) had been hydro-jetted away from the obstruction, it was revealed … the problem wasn’t roots at all, it was Snakes in the Drain.


As you can see, it wasn’t a snake of the reptile suborder Serpentes, it was a snake of the order Homeownera Plumberis.  Apparently, the previous owner of our house had been snaking a sink drain and lost about 20 feet of his snake.   I assure you, this old guy does no plumbing and, like Indiana Jones, is deathly afraid of snakes.  For the 13 years we’ve been in the house, it’s been (if you’ll pardon the pun) snaking its way through the drains until it finally lodged in our sewer drain pipe, causing Sunday’s flood.  The sewer drain specialists, Barker and Sons Plumbing, were able to get the hydrojet past the obstruction and slowly pull it out by hand.   The whole process wasn’t cheap but it was a lot less than ten grand (not to mention no need to remove the driveway!).

So, it’s Tuesday.  I’m smiling.  There are no more Snakes in the Drain.  No roots either.  And, by the way, it’s my wife, Muri’s birthday.


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3 Comments on “Snakes in a Drain”

  1. jenihill Says:

    The title of your post definitely grabbed me and also, about scared the living daylights out of me until I read what kind of snake it was! Holy rip! Who would have thought something like that would be lodged in your drain system. Glad you didn’t have to dig up the driveway though and I even was able to chuckle a little over what was wrong and causing your problems.

  2. Boy are you a romantic old soul … giving Muri a Snake for her birthday ! I am sure this is one birthday she won’t forget anytime soon….!

  3. territerri Says:

    What a relief! (Although I was a little worried I was going to see actual snakes here.) So glad to hear it wasn’t nearly as bad as it originally looked.

    Happy Birthday, Muri!

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