Those Over Sixty-Five

old catI was talking to a friend the other day about getting older.   Actually, I was saying that there are times I like being seventy.  That is a particularly appropriate thought for a post here on Bud’s Blog since from the beginning, I had hoped to balance the good sides and bad sides of Feeling Older.  This past weekend was not, however, a time for liking to be seventy.   It was a time for being one of Those Over Sixty-Five.   By the time we reached Arizona on Friday to celebrate a back-to-school weekend with my grandchildren, I was working on a first-rate Those Over Sixty-Five chest cold.   In fact, I was on my way to the local pharmacy for some patent cold medication when I saw the remarkable desert sunset that was last week’s Friday Favorite.  But patent medicine or no, I spent much of Friday night awake with a persistent barking cough.  I managed to celebrate my granddaughter’s birthday on Saturday (mostly from a distance) with the help of ibuprofen and industrial strength decongestants.

Saturday night was worse.  I spent the night trying to sleep on the sofa in the living room so that Muri could get some sleep.  At some point during the night, after a particularly long coughing spell that left my chest aching, I wondered whether it could be bronchitis.  Of course, that means off to my laptop to consider the possibility where I also encountered the word pneumonia … and, of course, pages and pages on how to tell the difference between a cold and bronchitis and pneumonia.   Pneumonia can be very serious in Those Over Sixty-Five the webpages said, and, indeed, it took the life of my friend, Stan, only a few months ago.  The little tickle in the back of my brain … you have pneumonia … began to grab hold of me but I was able to head it off with a Xanax before it turned into a full fledged panic attack.

The rest of the weekend was a labor of love in the truest sense of the word, enjoying my grandkids as much as I could without actually touching them and having to settle for tales of the fun they had in the pools instead of being there with them.   They are the lights of my life and even being sick can’t dim theirsavy ah glow.   By Monday I felt well enough to play a few board games with them and some air hockey by the pool.  Muri and I returned to California on Tuesday and I saw my doctor today.  The verdict is bronchitis.  I’m on multiple medications and I’m going to live.  In fact, I’m feeling OK.  Those Over Sixty-Five may sometimes feel a taste of mortality from illnesses that they would have shrugged off in their younger years.  But if we are mindful, we also feel joy with a depth that our younger selves could only imagine.  Just not always enough to like being seventy.  But give me a few days.

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One Comment on “Those Over Sixty-Five”

  1. Rick Gleason Says:

    Good read as always Bud, and glad to hear you’ll still be around. At nearly 62 (in December), I’m just a short distance behind you.

    And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that counts…
    It’s the life in your years. ~~ Abraham Lincoln

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