Friday Favorites 8/15/2014

FAVORITESince my blogging break a few weeks ago, I’ve found it easier to take a day or two off from Older Eyes – Bud’s Blog. That’s a good thing because blogging was becoming a job … and these days, I have two real jobs to keep me busy, so I don’t need a hobby behaving like work. But I still find it hard to skip my Monday Post, Monday Smiles, and my Friday Post, Friday Favorites … and here it is, 11:15 on Thursday Night. After posting 197 consecutive Friday Favorites, I’ve learned to go back and look at my archives before starting in on a new Friday Favorite because often, my latest inspiration is an inspiration I’ve had before. Case(s) in point. Tonight I considered posting my favorite big band hit (done 9/3/2010, Begin the Beguine by Artie Shaw), my favorite doo-wop song (done 10/21/2011, Come Go with Me by the Del Vikings), my favorite painting (done 8/13/2010, Renoir’s Girl with a Watering Can) and my favorite artist (done 6/24/2011, Claude Monet).   I need to get a post done tonight because I have an important business call in the morning to prepare for.  I’ve already resorted to favorite number and favorite color.  Could it be I’m entirely out of favorites? Not quite.

Let’s talk about desserts. My son, Aaron, is the third generation of Reed men who prefer an apple pie to a cake for their birthdays. My Mom made wonderful pies using a crust recipe that was kept in the refrigerator overnight to make it easier to roll out. My Dad liked slices of sharp cheddar cheese with his pie … Apple pie without cheese, he said, is like a kiss without a squeeze. I like a squeeze with a kiss as much as anyone but I never cared for cheese with my pie.   Sorry, Dad.  For roughly 22 years of my life, my Mom’s apple pie was my favortie dessert. Then my wife Muri took my Mom’s recipe and improved on it (It’s true.  I don’t have to say that.  but it certainly doesn’t hurt to do so).  Monday was my son Aaron’s birthday and his birthday pie is sitting on the counter calling to me. Although he has a sweet tooth, he, too has a special place in his heart for Muri’s apple pie. And for Muri, making us pies is truly a labor of love … she’d rather have a piece of cake (probably chololate with white frosting) any day. I’ve already had two slices of Aaron’s pie so I’ll likely leave him what’s left but at least I can include a picture of my Friday Favorite for this week. It sure looks good, doesn’t it.  Maybe just a little slice.  He’d never notice.


Have a great weekend.

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