Song for a Sunday


Listening to some of my forgotten recordings this morning, I rediscovered this lovely performance by British soprano, Summer Watson, of Morgen, the last  in a set of four songs composed in 1894 by the German composer Richard Strauss.  It is from her 2000 album, Summer.  It seemed like a perfect post for Sunday.  Photos by Older Eyes.

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2 Comments on “Song for a Sunday”

  1. Thanks for directing my attention. For some reason, WP just will not show me all the blogs I follow in my daily reader feed. While Strauss is not one of my favorite composers, this piece is perfectly lovely. Watson manages to make the German sound gentle (which is not easy) and controls herself at exactly the moments when other singers might “go bigger.” (Renée Fleming does this wonderfully, too: That’s a perfect treatment, since the translation of the piece shows that it’s actually a song about reuniting with a great love. She shows great musicality in this. It’s a piece I’d like to sing at all, if never as well.

    Plus, in spite of its title, it’s a really nice way to end a day. 🙂

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