Monday Smiles – 8/25/2014

truthI’m going to tell you the truth (I like to do that here on Bud’s Blog … except when I’m embellishing it for literary purposes which I’m not doing today).  There weren’t many smiles this weekend and it’s nobody’s fault but my own.  I know.  Old Abe supposedly said that People are about as happy as they make up their minds to be, but I don’t buy it.  Sometimes, sad things happen.  Not this weekend.   I was my own worst enemy, letting an old resentment poison my mood.  You know what they say … A resentment is a poison you give yourself hoping someone else will die.  They never do, by the way.  Fortunately for everyone, I’ve learned that my moods are mine so I kept to myself as much as possible and when I was with other people (including a friend’s 75th birthday party Saturday night), I tried to be cheerful even if I wasn’t happy.  Of course, after a zillion years together, that doesn’t fool Muri.  She briefly tried to talk me out of my mood … she has even more of a right to this old resentment than I do, but she’s been able to let it go.  How does she do that?

Anyway, it’s Monday.  I’m feeling better if a bit sheepish about my weekend mood.  At least I didn’t bite anyone and by Doing the next Indicated Thing to stay out of trouble, I managed to be productive if not happy.  I detailed my car Saturday afternoon and Sunday, I bought some tropical plants at Home Depot to add to our backyard landscaping.  Home Depot is like therapy but cheaper, as will be planting those plants later today.  And I took a photo-walk in the park Sunday afternoon.  Nature was mostly uncooperative, probably sensing my mood but thank goodness flowers don’t fly away the minute I take off my lens cap.  Still, therapy.


Yep.  It’s Monday.  And I need to be smiling.  It says so at the top of the page.  So I am.

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3 Comments on “Monday Smiles – 8/25/2014”

  1. Well I am surprised Not a PhotoGenic Squirrel to be found? If you had brought some food to the park, I bet you’d had a dozen of them Lined up for a Photo or Food which ever came first…!

  2. Funny you mention Abe. I’d forgotten to note in my comment on the post following this one that he, too, took the “write it but don’t send it” approach… or to be more specific, “write it, but then keep it in your pocket for at least a day.”

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