Friday Favorites 8/29/2014

Our First House in Yorba Linda

Our First House in Yorba Linda

This is probably a peculiar post, so let me explain how it happened.  I decided I would like to post about all the places I’ve lived … with pictures … on my Dad’s Legacy Blog that I’m building for my kids and grandkids.   I decided I wanted to post a picture of every apartment, dorm, room and house I’d lived it.   My wife Muri will tell you I can get a bit obsessive when I take on such a project.  The places that were truly home were easy … I had pictures already scanned.   I found an old picture that shows my dorm at the University of Connecticut and I found a picture of my freshman year dorm on the Stevens Tech website.  That left Google Maps Street View to find the rest.  In some cases, I didn’t remember the exact address and had to eyeball my choices.  One apartment has been torn down and another, I haven’t a clue where it was in Newton, MA.  Anyway, by the time I finished, I didn’t feel like starting on a Friday Favorites, so this is it.   I’ll understand if you decide to skip it.

I was thinking this morning about how many places I have lived in my seven decades.   I was born in New Haven, Connecticut and spent the first couple years of my life living with my Mom’s parents.   There are a few pictures of me and some relatives in that neighborhood but no memories.  When my Dad came home from service in WWII, we moved to a small apartment on The Boulevard in New Haven.  It was a neighborhood full of young families, so there were lots of kids to play with, many of whom I still remember with a little assistance from some old photos from my Dad’s house.  I had my first best friend there, Roy Winchester.  In the summer before I started fourth grade, we moved to small ranch house in East Haven, Connecticut.  They say that home is where the heart is, but some places have more heart than others … I would call 650 Bradley Street home for nineteen more years, even though I went away to college after 13 years and off to work after 17.  For college, I spent a year in the dorms at Stevens Tech, in Hoboken, NJ, a year in an apartment in Waterbury (while I attended a branch of the University of Connecticut), and two years in the dorms at the main campus in Storrs, CT.   When I took my first engineering job in 1966, I first rented a room in Brookline, Massachusetts then moved to an apartment that I shared with a UConn classmate in Newton, MA, not far from where the shootout with the Bostan Marathon bombers took place.  I would take a room in Newport, RI when I changed jobs until Muri and I got married.

Our first home together was a second story apartment on Metacom Avenue in Bristol, RI. Its best feature was a view of the sunset over and abandoned golf course from the patios … its worst, paper thin walls and a kid upstairs who continually ran, sometimes starting at six am. We lasted a year there, then moved to a nice place in Warren which was home until we moved to California in 1968. Having discovered that we could afford a house here, we rented an apartment in Covina month-to-month until we bought our first house in Yorba Linda, CA in 1969. It was our first real home and we would spend 31 years there. In 2003,we moved to our Big House in the Hills in Anaheim Hills, which is home today. Oh, yeah, it’s so name beacuse there’s the Little House in the Desert, a two bedroom house we bought San Tan Valley, Arizona that we bought to have a place near the grandkids. The plan was to eventually winter there but that hasn’t happened.

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So, 5 states and 11 cities but really only 5 places that feel like home, six if you count our Arizona place when the grandkids are there. Since it’s Friday, I suppose I have to pick a favorite. There is really nothing quite like a first house. We watched our house in Yorba Linda be built, did all the landscaping with neighbors that we still see forty years later. We raised a son and daughter, celebrated holidays and family occasion and lived through some family dramas. Our kids walked to Glennknoll School a few blocks away, where I coached their soccer teams after school. We had three cats and several kittens. It was Honey, I’m home for 28 years (even though I never said that) and I started my own business there. Our house in Anaheim is as close to our dream house as we’re going to come in this life time, a perfect place to grow old together until we need can’t manage it anymore. We love it. But the texture of our life happened on Crestknoll Drive so it gets to be my Friday Favorite based on the number of memories collected there.

Have a great weekend.


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2 Comments on “Friday Favorites 8/29/2014”

  1. Fun tour! Did the place in Waterbury break your heart when you saw its haphazard, cartoon-haunted-house state? Am I allowed to pick a favorite just by judging the proverbial book by its cover? If so, that house in RI is just darling.

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